Halloween Diorama Card – Free MTC Cutting File!


Recently, I participated in a Halloween card swap and it was during the sign-up period (several months prior) that I happened to see Brianna’s challenge over on the Make The Cut forum:

Diorama Card Challenge

I was immediately inspired to design a diorama card for this swap. Above you can see the front of the card. This inside had a surprise:


And here’s the recipe:

Materials / Tools

KNK Maxx Air and KNK Zing
KNK Embossing Tool
Worldwin Black Ice Dust Cardstock
Brown, Orange, Green, Purple, and White Worldwin Smooth and Silky Cardstock
Halloween Diorama Cutting File in MTC Format
Double sided Adhesive Tape
Googly Eyes
Bat Brad
Pop Dots
Glue Dots


(1) I was at a crop when I first started cutting the various pieces for this card. So, I had the Zing with me. For the score lines in the Black Ice Dust cardstock, I used a force of 160 and three passes. For cutting I used a force of 90 and speed of 9 to cut the 105 lb Black Ice Dust cardstock. The next day, at home, I finished up using the KNK Maxx Air with a force of 65 and a speed of 200. This cardstock is heavier than most and ideal for making a strong durable card of this type. The Smooth and Silky was cut at a force of 75 on the Zing and 50 on the Maxx Air.

(2) Note that I had to use WYSIWYG to score the lines with the Embossing tool and then switch to the blade holder for cutting. The scores lines and cut lines are on different layers in Make The Cut and this is one of those “stop and think” procedures because it’s important to make sure the correct layer is turned on for each process, as well as making sure you reset the force, number of passes and blade offset before you send the cutter to either score or cut. Also, note that I did not cut the base card on the cutter… only the cutout part. This is because the base card is a 12″ rectangle. So I used my paper trimmer to precut a 12″ x 5.5″ rectangle and then positioned that rectangle in the corner of the grid where I set the origin.

(3) I used an embossing template in the Fiskar’s Fuse to provide a textured background on the purple background piece behind the ghost. Popdots were used to adhere the ghost to that background.

(4) Print and cut was used to do the lettering pieces on the front and on the inside.

(5) The various cardstock pieces were attached using tape runner or glue. The Googly Eyes were attached with regular glue. I cut off the “metal” parts of the Bat brad and attached with a glue dot.

(6) When folding the card, remember that all folds are valley folds. This makes it easy to then see where to apply tape to attach and form the box part of the card. I used the newly released double sided adhesive tape from KNK USA and I have to say… this tape ROCKS! It is very strong and far less expensive than the double sided tapes sold at local craft stores.

I think that’s it! Please let me know if you have any questions!

13 thoughts on “Halloween Diorama Card – Free MTC Cutting File!

  1. I LOVE this card! I had the opportunity to see it ‘in person’ and the pictures do not do it justice! Thanks for sharing all the techniques and the files.

  2. thank you so much for the detailed instructions. Now I am going to have to try to make a diorama card. Yours is adorable.

  3. I loved getting this card, Sandy. It was do stinking cute. I really look forward to making some of these. Thanks for sharing the file from the MTC forum.

    • Thanks! I was still in the prototype stage when a friend suggested I add googly eyes to the front. I loved the idea and it then inspired a change to the greetings on the front and on the inside.

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