Guest Designer: Laurie’s Floating Ornament

When Michele from Team KNK asked me to share a project with you, I spent some time thinking through my recent projects. I have been pretty busy in my studio lately so I had a few things to choose from. But I wanted to share something that would be helpful, and since there were a few new ideas I wanted to explore for myself as well, I thought it’d be good time to try something different.

bike ornament (2)

I do most of my designing in Inkscape because I have used the program for several years and am comfortable with it, but I’ve been wanting to get more comfortable with MTC as well. I decided to design something that would force me to use features in MTC I wasn’t normally utilizing.

I make a lot of “floating Christmas ornaments” but was thinking it might be cute to try one with a chalkboard look to it. I knew it would require using layers in MTC…. something I have avoided…. and would be good practice for me. I had hoped to do a screen recording so that others could learn along with me. However, I was not able to get my screen recorder working properly, so you will have to settle for still pictures.

Products Used:

  1. Oracal 631 Matte Black Vinyl
  2. Transparency Film
  3. White Gel Pen
  4. Fake snow
  5. Ribbon
  6. Hot glue
  7. Clear Glass Christmas Ornament
  8. Clear Transfer Tape
  9. Rubbing Alcohol (optional)
  10. SVG Line Drawing/ Sketch



  • Cut speed = 9
  • Force = 25
  • Blade offset = 0
  • Pen height = 23 post-it-notes



To imitate the chalkboard look, I used Oracal 631 Matte Black Vinyl. I would actually use 651 next time, but I didn’t have any available. The 631 ended up to be a little stiffer than I would have liked when inserting into the ornament.


  1. Import bike SVG into MTC and set “outline” in Main Menu. I added some text to the bike layer after importing into MTC.
  2. Click Plus Sign (+) at the bottom of the Layer Menu to add another layer
  3. View > Node Mode
  4. Create circle around bike
  5. Create another new layer
  6. Copy shape from transparency file, Paste in Place on new layer
  7. Add new layer
  8. Create rectangle around all

At this point make sure that you have 4 layers and that each item is on its own layer. If not, copy and Paste in Place on separate layers as needed.

  1. Select bike, circle, and square. Right Click > Align and Space > Align > Vertical
  2. Check Horizontal alignment as well and adjust as needed

Drawing and Cutting:


*I found I got better results with my pen if I cleaned my vinyl with a little alcohol first. (I didn’t try this on 651 vinyl but it did work on my 631.)

  1. Insert vinyl into Zing.
  2. Insert pen into pen holder and Zing. (It will not all line up if you don’t use a holder.)
  3. Set all settings as described above.
  4. Layer Menu- Circle layer, transparency OFF/locked. Bike, Square ON/unlocked.
  5. Set blade origin so that the rubber pinch wheels will not run over drawing.
  6. “Cut Project”.
  7. Do NOT remove vinyl.
  8. Make sure blade depth is appropriate for vinyl.
  9. Replace pen and holder with blade and holder.
  10. Set all settings as described above.
  11. Layer Menu- Bike layer, transparency OFF/locked. Circle, square ON/unlocked.
  12. Set blade origin to “Use Last”.
  13. Cut Project.
  14. Remove Vinyl.
Without cleaning vinyl first

Without cleaning the vinyl before drawing.

After cleaning vinyl

After cleaning the vinyl before drawing.


  1. Place transparency on mat and load.
  2. Switch blades/holders or adjust depth for transparency.
  3. Set all setting as described above.
  4. Layer Menu- Bike layer, circle, square OFF/locked. Transparency ON/unlocked.
  5. Cut Project.

transparency shape

Remove excess vinyl from around circle. I set my “decal” under a lamp for a few minutes to make sure it was dry. When you are sure it’s dry, apply the transfer tape. Apply the decal to the transparency shape. I found it was a little easier if I put the decal with transfer tape face down on the table (sticky up). I taped it down to the table around the edge of the transfer tape and applied the transparency to the decal in this manner. It was easier to line up using this method.

Remove the top of the ornament and drop a little fake snow in. Roll up transparency and carefully slide into hole of ornament. (It should spring right back into shape. Mine wanted to curl a little. I think it was because I used Oracal 631 which is a little thicker than the 651, and I put a decal on the front and the back of the transparency.)

Replace the top. Make a bow out of ribbon and hot glue to the top.

bike ornament

You can see more of Laurie’s projects on her Facebook page.

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8 thoughts on “Guest Designer: Laurie’s Floating Ornament

  1. Laurie, that is a GREAT project. I have to use the pen tool more often. I just used it once but you inspired me to try it again. Thank you for your project.

  2. Omayra, like you, I seldom use my Zing for drawing. But I really should! This would be a cute little project to get me going. Thanks for sharing Laurie!

  3. This turned out great! I have used the pen and always am amazed at how well it turns out, but like everyone else seldom swap out my blade for a pen. My dream KNK would have holders for each blade and a pen and you would select what ever tool you wanted to use at the time without ever swapping them out. :~)

    • I have started purchasing additional holders and it really helps! I have 3 different blade holders and a pen holder, so when I do a project such as this I can just switch out the holders. The only way to go!

  4. What a fabulous project. I can’t wait to try this out. I have a few boxes of clear ornaments hanging around – in the past I’ve just filled them or painted them BUT now I have all kinds of ideas running around in my mind.

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