Grandson’s 1 Month Bib

I decided for my grandson I was going to make bibs for his first 12 months to see how big he is getting every month. I did this for my granddaughters and they looked so cute. So I decided to do something different and use fabric and holographic HTV (heat transfer vinyl) to make neckties on the bibs since I call him my Little Man.



For Fabric

  • Force = 159
  • Cuts = 3
  • Speed = 9/10
  • Yellow Blade at 25 degrees

For Holographic HTV

  • Force = 103
  • Cuts = 2
  • Speed = 10/10
  • Blue Blade at 45 degrees



  1. Create or open your design file. I opened my 1 month tie MTC file, duplicated and put each shape on its own layer.
  2. Hide the first layer and shadow the second layer at 0.0380 Screenshot 2015-10-03 16.00.12
  3. I grouped the duplicate & shadowed layers and did a Boolean Join at B-A Difference.                                               Screenshot 2015-10-03 16.01.24
  4. Hide the second layer & took the Eraser tool-checked Inverse-and erased the word month on the first layer (fabric layer). Screenshot 2015-10-03 17.34.44                                                   Now I have my 2 layers to cut.
  5. Heat press or iron the heat & bond to the fabric
  6. I taped the fabric with the heat & bond (material side up) to a sticky mat and cut out the tie.                                             Screenshot 2015-10-09 17.04.12 material
  7. I put the Holographic HTV on the mat (back side up), I mirrored the layer and the cut the trim for the tie.                                Screenshot 2015-10-19 14.14.48 HTV
  8. I laid the tie (fabric) then the trim (HTV) on the bib and heat pressed it at 320 degrees for 15 seconds and peeled cold.  Photo Oct 03, 5 48 31 PM

Now I just have to make 11 more!!!

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I am the mother of 2 grown children and 3 grandbabies ages 2, 1 and 3 weeks!). Married for 41 years! I was born and raised here on Staten Island, NY. I have been scrapbooking since 2004 when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Needed something to get me through a very long year. So that makes me an 11 year Survivor!!! I got my Zing when they first came out and fell in love! I do all kinds of paper crafts and vinyl. I got a heat press so now I am busy making shirts, onesies and bibs for my grandchildren.

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