Grama, Do you know what rhymes with China?










My grandson Gavin is 5 and his little sister Hailey is 2. They make me smile a lot. They both like Angry Birds so when I found this terrific site I had to try the Angry Bird Files. She has tons of great SVG files  FREE and every one that I tried cut perfectly on my KNK Maxx. The black background on the birds is cardstock, the rest is vinyl. They were super easy to make and Gavin loved them.




Both kids like a cartoon called Max and Ruby. And because I try to keep things “even” between the kids I made Hailey the Max and Ruby card. Both Max and Ruby are entirely cut from vinyl. They have some pretty fine cuts but cut perfectly on the KNK Maxx.

So are you still wondering about China? Gavin is in a pre-K program and they are working on rhyming words. Recently Gavin and Hailey’s mom must have told them that Hailey’s “privates” have a different name than Gavin’s “privates”. So when Gavin came running out of pre-K and told me “Grama, do you know what rhymes with China?” I almost died. But when I thought of the look on his teachers face when he said “Miss Summer, Do you know what rhymes with China?” I couldn’t stop smiling. :O)








11 thoughts on “Grama, Do you know what rhymes with China?

    • The projects are great! Gotta love that Gavin!!!! Thanks for the laugh! I told the girls at work and was laughing so hard I was crying!

  1. Love the cards…and that they were made with vinyl, but I cracked up when I read the China comment! Gavin sounds like quite a character.

  2. Nancy, my DGGS’s are always looking for something to “put” together. I’m thinking I could cut all the parts and mail them to the boys and let them put them together…hmmmmm

  3. Very cute cards. There’s nothing like interacting with our grandchildren. My grandson will be 8 on March 9. He loves angry birds This will be perfect for his birthday card. Thanks for sharing the stie.

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