Graduation Cupcake Wrappers Revisited

In addition to making name tags and announcement/invitation cards for my friend’s son’s graduation party, I decided they needed some special cupcake wrappers.  I started with the four cupcake wrappers that have been available for download since I designed them in 2009.  The first thing I did was to update the closure on all of the wrappers.  I like the hook and slot closure much better than the winged tab and slot version.  The hook and slot is so much easier to put together and can be easily ‘unhooked’ if some one wants to keep the cupcake wrapper.  I then updated the date in the #2 (in the picture below) wrappers to 2012 instead of 2009. 

I had been requested to create wrappers that people could cut from pretty paper – that didn’t have any detail in the main part of the wrappers but looked like wrappers #1 and #4.  Unfortuntely, if you cut those files from light colored patterned papers it is sometimes difficult to read the wording on the top edge of the wrapper.  My solution was to modify the wrapper by removing all of the wording on the top edge and to make it just a bit larger.  Then it became a sleeve which fit on the bottom part of the wrapper but the words are easy to read since they are a solid color.  In the picture below you can see the two separate pieces.


In order to keep the two layers together, I assembled them as if they were one piece.  That is, I held both pieces together and put both hooks through both slots at the same time.  Then I pulled the sleeve down away from the solid piece at about the middle, applied some glue, and then put the sleeve back into place.  That way it was secured in two places. 

For the #1 cupcake wrapper, I gave it some extra interest by adding the graduate’s name, the year, and the school mascot from the school logo in outdoor vinyl.  The outdoor vinyl from KNK-USA is easy to cut and work with.  It is also shiny which makes it stand out on the matt finish cardstock.   My friend said that those wrappers might never see a cupcake.  I’m thinking she liked them.

The sleeve and the vinyl idea could be applied to any of the other cupcake wrappers that have a large plain area at the bottom.  Other embellishments such as flowers, ribbons, rhinestones, cut cardstock pieces, photos, etc., could be used as well.  Just be sure that you add about 1/8″ to the length of the sleeve so it fits around the inner wrapper.

Updated files for these wrappers and the sleeve are in the link below:

Graduation Cupcake Wrappers in KNK, MTC, PDF, SVG, and AI Formats


16 thoughts on “Graduation Cupcake Wrappers Revisited

  1. Lovely ideas! I like the addition of the sleeve. Lots of possibilities there. But I think my favorite is the one with the vinyl name, year and mascot. It really pops! Great job!

  2. Wow. I have a hard enough time making cupcakes, let alone doing wrappers. But these are so pretty, I am going to think ahead and make them up a few weeks before. Thank you for sharing the file.

  3. Very cool, Judy. These cupcake wrappers turned out great! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Loved the way you attached these, Judy. Makes it a lot less work. Thanks so much
    for sharing the files too. You are such a creative person.

  5. Great job, Judy! Obviously, a lot of thought went into these designs. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Judy, Judy, Judy, you are soooo talented lady! Thank you for the share 🙂 Will have a grandchild graduating high school next year! OMG she was only 11 years old when she joined out family (our daughter remarried and it’s her stepdaughter) This file will come in VERY handy. 🙂

  7. These would certainly be great to have!! I have a son graduating this years. Now if I could only get someone to cut out about 200 of these for me……………….

  8. @Judy
    My ignorance is going to show here, but those cupcake wrappers, do you cut them out the exact size they are in the file? Or do they need to be stretched? What size DO they need to be? I’m trying to cut some out today, but having problems adjusting the pressure etc just right, so will mess with it tonight. Meantime, I really need to know what the finished size (length) is?

    • Hi Joan, The overall length of the wrappers should be about 7.6″. It will vary a bit depending on the objects at the top of the wrapper and how far they extend out. I will send you a private email with more information.

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