Graduation card

I know I’m a little late for graduations, since most happened in June, but I wanted to share a card I made for my nephew, who just graduated from high school.

File Jul 16, 11 21 24 AM

I promise the glue stains don’t look that bad in real life. Sometimes when I take pictures, the glue marks look terrible! I also ran out of the worldwin paper stock so I used the DCWV black and silver paper and I hate the white core. I used Worldwide for the gray and it looks so much cleaner. I used a basic serif font for the 2015, as I ended up not using the congratulations included in the file. File Jul 16, 11 21 44 AM


The file I used was a file I’d had on my computer for a long time and I didn’t know where I got it. Ha ha! A little search on the Team KNK site determined I got it here. 🙂

I sized it up to about 6 inches wide because I wanted a little insert card where I could write a message. Also, instead of doing a gift card, I rolled a bill into a scroll and tied it and stuck it to the front. I didn’t get a good shot of the tassel, but I used embroidery thread and made a little tassel and hooked it on with a gold brass tack.

Used the Zing with a red blade that desperately needs to be replaced 🙂 so my force is kind of on the high side (122) and the speed was 10/10, one pass.



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