Good Morning…Good Afternoon

For some reason this did not post this morning?

Just a couple of projects that I did lately that anyone with a KNK could do in a heartbeat…it’s why I love my KNK Maxx. The first project is an outdoor address plaque. I had a laminated drawer end from ReStore that was the perfect size but this could be done on any piece of wood. I used a purchased file for the numbers but you could also just use your favorite font for the whole project. And of course it was cut from vinyl which can be purchased from KNKUSA. I like to use outdoor vinyl on my signs because I want a permanent bond.

IMG_2563 My next project was a sixty second quickie. My niece just had her third child, Violet , an adorable little girl. She has a sister who is a few years older so she has plenty of clothes. So for a simple gift that I knew would be used I purchased a case of wet wipes and a single dispenser box that was calling Violet’s name.

IMG_2573 I don’t remember the font used, sorry!  I cut it from vinyl using approx. 40 for pressure. Everyone loves personalized gifts and this is as simple as they come.

My last 2 projects are sports related. I used the Home Depot method of ordering my wood and having them cut it to size and spray painted the wood white with Rustoleum 2X painters choice paint. I found a free vector image of a Hawk and cut all images from vinyl using my KNK Maxx.

IMG_2616 IMG_2608 I hope that all of you enjoy your KNK or Zing as much as I enjoy mine.

14 thoughts on “Good Morning…Good Afternoon

  1. Don’t you LOVE vinyl? And your house number reminded me that I need to make a new one for our house. I think i may use a ceramic tile for outdoor durability. Yours looks very nice. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Love these projects, Nancy. I haven’t cut much vinyl bu I’m hoping to change that. Thanks for sharing.

  3. love those numbers where did you purchase? I have been making lots of vinyl projects and need to get posting. Thanks for showing your very creative talents!

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