Gobble til you wobble



How’s it going? For my project this month I really tried to do a paper weaving thing. It was supposed to be a hot air balloon, but I’m not sure what it ended up being, but I finally quit out of frustration. So here I am with a Thanksgiving card.


I don’t even know where I got the file so I apologize that I can’t direct you to it if you think he’s cute. It might have been Miss Kate’s Cuttables, but I’m not entirely sure. 20141119-IMG_1698

I had this pretty Thanksgiving stamp that I used for the inside. 20141119-IMG_1700

I modified the file by using goggly eyes instead of the cut out eyes. 20141119-IMG_1701

The funny part is it didn’t stand up very well once I added the eyes. My turkey became “right heavy” and kept falling over to the right. Oops. 20141119-IMG_1702 You are probably wondering what those scratch marks are on the orange part of his feathers. Yeah, I’m kinda wondering too. I think I had to make another pass because I sort of forgot to put paper on the mat the first time and my cutter got full of gunk. So it didn’t go through and I moved the mat before I realized there was a problem. I actually didn’t notice that there were light cut lines until I took the pictures. What is it with cameras picking up flaws and all? Guess I could Photoshop it, but I keep things real here.

I was going to post the pile of mess-ups from my paper weaving disaster… but… nah.


(If you want to check out the site). The PDF file is super easy to scan into MTC and cut out.

Anyway, here’s the details:


Paper (used white core DCWV…really wished I had those colors in Worldwins but I didn’t)

orange ink

Thanksgiving stamp

foam tape (for lift)

glue stick



I have no idea. Sorry.


KNK Zing

red blade

120 Force

10/10 speed




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  1. Cute, and you made me laugh. I never see anything either until I post it on my blog, then I see the photo and wonder how did I not notice that! ~Diane

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