Glitter, glitter, glitter!

Okay, I love glitter.  I really, really do.  I must own like 35 colors, not to mention the shimmer sprays and shimmer Modge Podge and other such products in my craft room.  However, I don’t like when its on my hands, my clothes, my chair, my table, the dog – I think you get the picture.  My friend and daughter laugh at me all the time for how I simply cannot resist glitter even though I know its so darn messy.  I just get thrilled by glitter – glitter cards, glitter pages, glitter projects in general.  My friend and I were at CHA and walked into a ‘totally glitter’ booth and my whole being started humming! Like with electricity, I mean.  I believe she could feel it in the air around me as I was quite literally buzzing!  So when I learned about a couple of products that would make glittering up my projects less messy, I was all over it!  Let’s start with a glimpse of the finished product:

So what did I use?  How does it work?  It’s quite simple, actually.  I selected 2 colored cardstock papers for the outer design and white for the interior lining.  This fabulous paper is available from KNK USA and is an absolute dream to cut.  I used a dark purple for the easel card base and lighter purple for the overlay butterfly outline.  I opened the cut file and placed the cardstock for the butterfly on the mat then covered the cut area with Sookwang adhesive tape.  The butterfly was going to be a little larger than my 6 inch wide tape, so I cut another piece and tried to make it work.  On top of that, I didn’t cut the main piece long enough.  LOL  Why I didn’t just shrink my design, I don’t know – it was probably poor planning because I was thinking about GLITTER!  I cut this with my Maxx at 100 pressure, 300 speed, and with 2 passes.

It cut very nice and clean.  At that small space where the tape didn’t meet up well, I had to use a glue pen to fill it in so the glitter would stick evenly.

Next, I peeled off the adhesive tape non-stick liner.  It certainly would have been easier if I had used one piece of tape, huh?

Then I had to carefully place the second layer, which……I didn’t do so well.  But I’m happy with it and I don’t think anyone will notice.  Except me, it will probably annoy the heck out of me…at least until I pack it away or give it away.

Next, its glitter time!  Whoot whoot! This wonderful product is Glitter Ritz.  It comes in two different ‘bases’ as well as several colors.  I only have the Cool and the Warm bases because the product is colorable with my Copic markers!  Did you hear me singing that through your reading?  I can’t help myself, its coming out in sing-song.

I generously poured glitter on half of the butterfly and then tapped it and rubbed it over to the other side.  The next step is to ‘burnish’ it into the Sookwang tape.  This is simply rubbing it in really good with your fingers.  The shine really comes out when you’ve burnished it thoroughly and virtually zero glitter will come off once you’ve cleaned up the project.

So here’s what the card looked like once I’d done my cleanup.  I attached the butterfly to the easel card base.  I also added an inset white layer to the inside of the card for writing a note or stamping a sentiment.  That glitter is just so beautiful, it shimmers – don’t you think?

So, where do Copic markers come in?  Let me show you.  Even with the dark purple paper underneath, I think the colors showed up brilliantly.

And here is a close-up:

I did learn not to take the marker tip all the way to the paper edge.  The ink bled out from where it was touching the glitter and if I left it too long it bled right into the (very) absorbent paper.  So here I am with my wondrous new glitter products (with my daughter chuckling beside me) and wondering if I should make another butterfly or something else… hmmmm… what to do, what to do….


The Butterfly Easel Card file is available at Visual Designs by Chris!

17 thoughts on “Glitter, glitter, glitter!

  1. Would you share your pattern for the butterfly card? I really like the way it folds. I also am addicted to glitter and had seen one other demo on the Glitter Ritz. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Michele that is soooo Beautiful. Do you know how much do I love glitter? I love your project.

  3. Michele, I loved this card. The glitter and color make it really pop. Thanks for sharing.

  4. It’s such a SPARKLING BEAUTY!!!! I love it! Now there’s more goodness to add to my long list of to -do’s.
    I need cardstock from KNK USA, Glitter Ritz and Sookwang tape. LOL

  5. Your product is beautiful. Thanks for all the product info and showing us how you used it.

  6. WOW I love this! The link to your site is broken though. I went hunting for the file. Also where did you buy the tape? I just bought some of the cardstock from KNK, do you have recommended settings for the Zing? Lastly where can I get some of that glitter! 🙂
    love hugs and prayers

  7. This tip won’t prevent glitter getting everywhere, B UT, it WILL prevent glue, and glitter glue etc from sticking to your hands! I learned the hard way…had used the tack over and over glue straight from the bottle to glue a couple of things to cards and it glued to my fingers so bad I had to almost sand the skin off to get rid of it. Now I get a pair of those “surgical” gloves that come in a box .. one size fits all … from Walmart. I put one on each hand…WAY easier clean up than doing it w/o the gloves! Yup..I’m a slob! Grace was never, and never will be, my middle name!

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