Gift Card Collection with Envelope

This posting is a result of me always looking for a gift card enclosure whether it be for a birthday, a reward for a good job done in school, or just because.   Gift cards seem to be the answer for so many occasions these days.  Everything was cut on my KNK 15″ MAX and all of the outside designs include the use of vinyl, my go-to product for ease in lettering.  The card base is generic white cardstock and the reward ribbon was layered colored cardstock, “Good Job” added in vinyl.

Assembly is quick and easy with just just 2 folds on the card and a bit of glue on each end of the fold-up portion that encloses the gift card.  There are two card versions, one with a closure tab on the bottom and one without.

Gift Card Set in KNK and PDF File Formats

Also included is an envelope designed especially for the card.  For envelopes, my preference is paper that comes in Strathmore sketch pads, located in the art department of your favorite craft store.

23 thoughts on “Gift Card Collection with Envelope

  1. Great job, Lynn and perfect timing. TOday is my DH’s birthday and tomorrow is Sandy’s. Know what I’ll be doing later today! Thanks for the recommendation on envelope paper.

    • Thanks, Barbie. The files are late being posted, but I have them to Sandy and I’m sure will be up soon. So happy to have them in time for your occasions.

  2. I love gift card holders and am always downloading anyone’s free files. These are great, Lynn. Did you mean to send the files? I didn’t see any attached. It is fine if you didn’ t but I don’t want to miss them if you did. Thanks for sharing.

    • I’m glad that you like them. I am including the files, just a bit late getting them up. Hope you check back and get them.

      • I did check back and I did get them. Thank you. I am going to try them out this week.

  3. Great ideas! Love card ideas. Was there a free envelope file? 🙁 Don’t see a link. Thanks
    love hugs and prayers

    • You would think this is a Monday morning around here. I got everything ready to go and realized that I hadn’t included the latest subway art graphic on one of the cards and then couldn’t locate the fonts I changed to. I just got them to Sandy, so files should be available soon. So glad that you like them and can use them.

  4. Very cool! Always looking for new ways to present the presents! Looking forward to the links… 🙂

  5. Cool, Lynn!!! These will come in handy. Thanks for sharing the files. Really like the subway art one.

    • So happy you like my subway art. What I found was that I need to really work on this aspect of design. It wasn’t as easy for me as I thought it was going to be. 🙂 But the good news is: now I have lots of ideas for more of it.

  6. My my you have been busy! Nice job! I would love to sit down and try my hand at making something, anything, but just got out of the horseypital yesterday with this bronchitis..much better now, but tire easily..will wait a bit before messing with anything. Thanks for sharing!

    • So happy to hear that you are better and on the mend. When you feel up to it, these would be an easy project.

  7. What a good idea! I usully wait til the last minute then have to run to the store and get a gift card holder. Thank you for the files.

    • Brenda, in the past I have done exactly what you have been doing, so I needed an easy solution and this is it. With the envelopes and card bases made up ahead of time, all I have to do is embellish and it’s even easier if I have collection of those made ahead of time too. The great thing about the KNK is it’s just as easy to cut a whole bunch as it is just one. Enjoy!

  8. Lynn, how do you adhere the vinyl. Do you have to glue it to the paper? I’ve never combined paper/vinyl before so not sure how to apply. They are really nifty gift card holders. Thanks for sharing.

    • You weed it first from the backing, leaving the portiont that you wish to place on the card. Then you apply transfer tape on top of it with a little pressure so the vinyl releases from the backing sheet and is stuck to the transfer tape. Next you place it where you want it, apply pressure with a bone creasing tool (or credit card edge). When it is stuck to the card, remove the transfer tape. The files included with this posting include one printout sheet to help you know which parts are to be weeded or discarded after the vinyl is cut. I hope you’ll try it. It is very easy and I love the results.

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  10. you always have such creative and yet practical files that all of us can use. Thanks!

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