Getting ready for next Christmas Where did December…

Getting ready for next Christmas?
Where did December go? I was so busy making gifts that I didn’t get a chance to post. So consider this inspiration for next year! I bought all the “gifts” at Hobby Lobby back in August, so start collecting early! This was a simple metal plaque that I used for a Christmas decoration and a NCSU fan’s plaque. .
Inspired by a sign I saw while shopping, I thought about using the frame with 3 openings, scrapbook paper and vinyl to give inspiration to several friends! . Of course, this idea could be used for any saying, more or less openings, be creative! Great use of frames! I also found a wooden plaque with 3 pegs. So I did the saying “The Stockings Were Hung” from My Vinyl Designer. Then I put the children’s name on the pegs (one has 3 children, one only had 2). I added small stockings with toys for each child. . I did several other things, but don’t want to give everything away! Be on the look out for things that you can use for all kinds of gifts!

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I am a 3 machine KNK owner. I started with the "Yella Fella" and now own 3 (Groove-e, 24" Maxx and a 15" Maxx). I mainly cut rhinestone designs and vinyl for various projects. I also use it for scrapbooking and cards.

11 thoughts on “Getting ready for next Christmas Where did December…

  1. What great ideas, Barbie. I’d say you had a lot of fun while doing them too. I am sure they were all
    a big hit. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Gosh, you ladies and your vinyl creativity!! These look great, and they must have been much fun to make!

  3. Gotta love the vinyl projects! 🙂 So many cool things can be done with such an easy to use material. thanks for the share, Barbie!

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