Get inspired and earn free swag, with TeamKNK!

We’re proud to announce the new addition of our rewards system.  You may have noticed the little “rewards” flag at the top left of our home page here. It looks like this:

Click on it to sign up and start earning points! It’s easy! Like us on Facebook, press Google +1, add your comments to posts, and even just visit here each day to collect points that can be used towards cool stuff like blades, vinyl, gift certificates and more!

Click on Leaderboard to see the points accumulated by other subscribers and click on Catalog to see the latest goodies you’ll be able to get free from KNK USA.

Once you have enough points to get a free item, you’ll see a Redeem option appear in the Catalog window. Click on it and KNK USA will be notified that you want to get that item. Shipping will be free to those in the 48 contiguous US states. Outside of the 48 states, shipping will need to be applied, thus some of our subscribers may prefer to redeem for gift certificates or downloadable goodies to be added to our catalog soon! Also, note that there’s a limit of 500 possible points that can be earned on any given day. But it shouldn’t take long to get enough points to get your first free product!

So sign up today and start earning free stuff!


54 thoughts on “Get inspired and earn free swag, with TeamKNK!

    • Absolutely! 🙂 I hope everyone takes advantage of it. We’ll be adding lots of new goodies, too!

    • I can’t get on either and I ALWAYS get the Script Error on this site. I’m not sure if that’s why it won’t work. I thought it was just busy yesterday but I can’t get the Rewards page to open again today. I use Internet Explorer 8

      • We have been experiencing a lot of traffic, lately. This has caused some website slowdown, and errors. Bear with us. We’re working on “speeding things up” 😛

  1. I likes free stuff! I likes winning, too. Barbie, why didn’t you tell me this was here!!! LOL j/k.

  2. Hopefully I’ll remember to come by daily and play for points. I love this idea!

  3. Chad, does one have to have a facebook account in order to sign up for the rewards? I do not have one and at this time, do not want one. Is there an alternative for participating in the rewards? Thank you.

    • Currently, only Facebook is available, but email signup will be available shortly. Stay tuned!

  4. I love this idea! Waiting (impatiently) for my ZING! Great to know TeamKNK is here to help!

  5. What great fun this is! Thanks for the opportunity to win while we wait for our Zings!!!!!

    • I figured out why the link was opening a blank page for me. I had IE set to open all pages in compatibility view. Once I changed that setting the link worked properly. Maybe this will help anyone else experiencing this problem.

      • Ahh, thanks for sharing this info — I’m sure it will be helpful to anyone else experiencing the same problem.

  6. I am mystified! How do we see our points to know that we are doing it right? What is the leaderboard? I already like your facebook page……… Just a little confused……………….

    • Hi there,

      If you look in the top left corner of the site, you can see the little red “rewards” flag. When you click on it, a panel drops down and it shows your info, the leaderboard, and a link to view the catalog. Let me know if you can’t find it. I may be able to just add a link somewhere else, too.

  7. I love free stuff…especially if it complements my KNK Maxx. Since I come to th website often, you have made it easy. Thanks!!!

  8. How do you get points for commenting? I’ve commented on several posts but I don’t think all of them have added points.

  9. Chad,
    I could not get on this website all day…when I did I wasn,t credited for my “visit”. Anything I can do? Hey, a point’s a points. lol

    • Sorry for the inconvenience, yesterday. Traffic continues to build and it’s been causing our server to crash. Unfortunately, there’s no great way to track vists, but I will see about adding some more rewards at lower costs, to help make up for the loss of points, here and there. 🙂

  10. Is there someplace that lists the ways we can earn points? Would it be possible for those who submitted ideas (but did not win) in the “Win a zing carrying case” to earn points? Thanks is advance for everything.

  11. I see people on the leaderboard with tons of points and I can not figure how they got that many…… any suggestions.

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