Fun Foam Wall Sign



This beautiful project is an idea to decorate a classroom wall. It was made tracing an image that I found in the Internet so I can’t share the files. This project was made with all the teachers in mine, but specially for Lynn, who enjoys decorating her daugther’s classroom.
It is easy to make- just trace your image, cut each color, and glue it together. I used my KNK Groove-E; V=150 F=25.







The letters on the Crayons were made with vinyl. To cut the vinyl I used my TERRIFIC KNK Groove E.

For the girl’s eyes, I traced them, but instead of cutting, I used my KNK to pounce them (dashed line cut) so I could then use a marker to outline and color them in. For shading on the outer edges and interior detail, I used a marker of the same color as the fun foam, but darker. Then I also used a black marker on the very edges of the cuts, as well.

12 thoughts on “Fun Foam Wall Sign

  1. you are so creative with this medium, Omayra! Thank you. It makes my heart happy to look at this.

  2. Omayra, once again I am inspired with your fun foam project. Thanks for sharing the files. I see the crayons beng used for a future project.

  3. I could have sworn I commented on this but I don’t see it. This is fantastic!! As a teacher, I can totally see the use for these.

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