Fun Foam Flowers

KNK, Flower, Omayra Fun foam, or “Foamy” as it is known in some areas, is a great material to cut with our KNK Cutting machines. Although this is not an easy-to-cut material, it is a material that you can mold as you desire. As you can see, the faces of the flowers are fun foam that I heated with a regular iron, and while the fun foam was hot I molded it over a Styrofoam half ball. This gave extra dimension to the flower centers (faces).

The materials that we are going to use to make this project are:



    • Design the flowers that you want to cut using KNK Studio or MTC.
    • Set the above force and speed and cut your design.
    • With acrylic paint, paint the borders of all the shapes that you cut.
    • Pre-heat a regular iron and heat the fun foam that will become the face of your flower. Immediately once the fun foam is hot, cover the Styrofoam ball and hold it until the fun foam is cold. Once the fun foam is cold it will keep the shape that you wanted.
    • Then, paint the face that you want your flower to have; smiling, surprised, sad, etc.
    • Cover the wood stick with another piece of Fun foam. Use a heat gun to keep it together.
    • And finally, glue all the puzzle pieces together to form your flower.
    • I love glitter so much, which is why I used glitter on the edges of my flowers.
    • And finally, I completed my embellishments by adding a bow.

Happy Cutting!!!


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