Fun Foam Doll

This beautiful fun foam doll was made with a KNK Groove-E machine, using the blue cap blade or thick blade to cut the fun foam in different colors (V=150 F=25). To form her face, just pre-heat the fun foam with an iron and cover a foam ball with it. Then use a glue gun to glue all the parts togethers and embelish as desire.

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  1. Your ability to create this doll out of fun foam is just amazing! Thanks for posting the settings you use, as well. I’m going to add these settings to my Maxx/Groove-E settings table.

    • Wow, this is totally awesome. I have never tried cutting fun foam yet, Thanks for posting the setting and blade used. That will help a lot.


  2. I agree with Sandy…but who would have even thought to try and make a doll from fun foam using your KNK??? Maybe you will have monogrammed towels. :O)

  3. Omayra, you are so talented! This doll is amazing. I really enjoyed meeting you in Tampa. I can’t wait o see more of your projects.

  4. I would have never thought to make something like this. This is amazing!! Thanks so much for sharing and going first!!

  5. That is such a nifty idea. Am looking forward to all your great ideas and another way to share all about our cutters.

  6. Omayra, this doll is absolutely adoreable! Like of others of said, I would have never thought to use fun foam in this way. Thanks for sharing your settings and plantng the inspiration. I think a little boy and girl for my daughter’s classroom would be exciting for the kids, if I can figure out how to do the uniforms…and the rest of the detail that you have mastered so wonderfully.

  7. Omayra, do you use 1 pass or 2 passes when cutting fun foam on your Groove-E? And do you have to tape the fun foam to your cutting mat?

    • Just one pass and it cuts really easy. No, I do not tape it but, if you want to, you can, I have never used tape. After the cut you will see the wheels marks on the fun foam, but that will be gone in a bit.

      • Oh, great tip! I think a lot of people are concerned with the wheels leaving marks. I didn’t really know they would go away, either 😛 Thanks for that.

      • Thanks for the info! Great stuff to know. I’ve never had great success but I now know I was using way too much cutting force.

        • I don’t know too much, but I think that the force depend on the high of your blade. And also there are different thick of fun foam. For that doll I used 2mm. But that material is really, but really easy to cut with a KNK, specially when your project has little details that are almost imposibble to cut with scissors.

  8. Great project and I am really looking forward to the site. Always looking for some inspiration. 🙂

  9. What an adorable doll. I’ve never cut foam with my KNK, perhaps I’ll give it a try. Thank you so much for sharing!

  10. Oh how FUN is this!! I LOVE her FEET and PIGGY TAILS!!! I can’t wait until my Maxx comes. FedEx now says Friday the 17th….I ordered it on Tuesday. That was FAST Chad! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing Omayra!

  11. Omayra, I keep coming back looking at this precious doll. It is simply amazing! You said that the head was a styrofoam ball. Am I right in assuming that the body and feet are also? Did you use a dowel for the legs? You said that there are different thicknesses of fun foam. Are you buying it knowing what the thickness is, or you just sorting through what is available in the craft stores for thicknesses that you have previously identified as a thickness that works well for your project?

    • Sandy, I did some projects taping the fun foam to the mat and the result were terrific. Thank you, your comment help me to improve.

      LynnK, her legs were done with wood stick, rolling a piece of fun foam. Her shoes are done glueing two small foam ball together and cutting less of half of the ball to stand the doll. You just sort through what is available in the craft stores for thicknesses, that does not matter, her skirt is a circle that you make a hole in the middle, and her shirt is a triangle big enough to cover her body which is a foam ball cut it in half.

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  13. Hi omayra!!! Lov the doll is beautiful…..question….how u do her body and how u make her face and feet shine?…thanx!!!!

    • Hi Schaissa, It is easy to make the doll. I prepared a Step by step so everyone can see how I make it. To make her face and feet shine, you have to pre-heat the fun foam and cover the styrofoam with the fun foam and before you glue it, you have to flip it inside out. Sorry, Schaissa I hope you can understand. Let me ask Sandy if I can post the step by step with my next post. If not, please send me your e-mail and I will send it to you.

  14. Ok thanx !!!!! That will be great to see it is more easy that way!!!…im excited to start do in them lol..i do make foam dolls but not with styrofoam just all fun foam so im more than happy to learn another way!!! My email is thanx for sharing!!!!

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