Freezer Paper? Fantastic and Fun Paper!

I use burlap for a variety of seasonal decorations and I had some tucked away especially for the coming holidays. It is important to use a good quality burlap for a couple of reasons: 1) it will make your life sooo much easier when assembling your product 2) your finished project will last much longer and 3) quality burlap just looks nicer!

First project for this season, Fall Greetings for the entryway!

I started this project with a tan burlap infused with gold threads and some freezer paper. Then I created my words in Make-the-Cut, reversed the image, and cut it out using vinyl settings. I made sure to use a font that didn’t have many loose interior pieces. With the Harrington font, I had to use the eraser tool to leave a tag for the center of the “A”.

Freezer paper is such a wonderful medium, and so easy to use! I ironed it onto my burlap and then taped off the edges.

Stencil made from freezer paper

I used Tulip fabric paint to paint the words onto the burlap. On fabric this product dries almost instantly. On the freezer paper it stayed wet for a long time.


I didn’t have the patience to wait so I removed the the outer edges by hand and the inside pieces with tweezers (and now have a very interesting black pattern on my hands). The freezer paper peels off very nicely.


I love it! Next I cut two rectangles and sewed three of the edges. Then I filled it with bean bag ‘beans’.


Next, I used Elmer’s glue to seal the last edge. These¬†clips came in handy to hold the edges¬†until they dried.


Once dry, I finished closing up the last edge and set it on my entryway table.


The “Recipe”:


  1. Burlap
  2. Freezer paper
  3. KNK digital cutting system
  4. Standard (red cap) Blade
  5. Iron
  6. Tulip aerosol fabric paint
  7. Blue tape
  8. Scrap paper
  9. Needle and thread
  10. Filling/stuffing
  11. Elmer’s Glue

Settings (Maxx Air):

  • f = 20
  • v = 225
  • p = 1


  1. Create your design in the software.
  2. Reverse the image
  3. Cut the stencil.
  4. Apply to the fabric.
  5. Spray the fabric paint.
  6. Remove the stencil.
  7. Finish your project. For this pillow, I sewed 3 edges and then filled it and finally I closed it up.

Happy Fall everyone!

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