Frankenstein Door

Hello fellow KNK obsessed friends!  My name is Jen and I’ve been the proud owner of my lovingly referred to “yellow beast” since 2007.  However don’t tell her I’m hoping to bring a Zing into the mix around here soon =)  I want to thank Sandy for asking me to guest post today!

Have any of you heard of the website pinterest?  I am now completely obsessed and can spend hours there. There are so many fun ideas that I know I can use my KNK for.   When I came across a frankenstein door I knew I could easily and cheaply create one myself.

I would imagine you have most of these supplies already in your stash.  All I had to buy was the green tablecloth and black posterboard.

Supplies Needed:

Black Posterboard

Black cardstock

White cardstock

Googly eyes

Black pipe cleaners


I used KNK studio to create the cutting files for the eyes, spider, scar, mouth and teeth.  To create the cutting files I used simple shapes, circles and rectangles, that are already built into the software.  For the scar all I did was create a large rectangle and then placed equally sized smaller rectangles on top and welded them together. I just freehand cut random “V” shapes out of the posterboard to create the hair.

A couple of googly eyes and pipe cleaners for legs and your spider is all set.

A simple project that really stands out from the street!

Even though the shapes are quite basic, you can download the actual cutting files (to get the relative dimensions I used)from here:

Frankenstein Door Shapes in KNK format

Frankenstein Door Shapes in PDF format

I’d love for you to check out my blog where I love to use my KNK.  I hope to post again about the ways I use my KNK with my cake decorating.

Thanks for letting me share and Happy Halloween!

Jen L






34 thoughts on “Frankenstein Door

  1. Such a cute idea! THanks for sharing the door and the idea site. It’s amazing how we can look at another design and say “I can do that with my KNK”. Great job on the door!

    • Be warned pinterest is highly addictive. LOL I’m always finding projects on their that I know I can use my KNK for. Thanks!

  2. He is so cute and perfect for a full size class door – I hope I can remember this for next year – We have a full class door and the kids would enjoy that.

    • That’ s a great idea! I’ll have to decorate my kids teacher’s doors next year. I’ll have to try and remember to remind you as well =)

  3. What a unique, simple idea that gives a big impression. Definitely, a great use of your KNK cutter. Frankenstein never looked soooo good …or so cute!

  4. Jen, I love Pinterest, too! It is addictive. this is a great decor idea for the holiday, and simple and quick, too!

  5. I’ll bet your house was the hit of the neighborhood. Your door looked great but I like your witch legs also!

    • Thanks Rhonda. The witch legs are also another pinterest inspired project. I ran out of time but plan to post a tutorial for those next year. I created a cutting file for the pattern for the boots and will be sharing that as well.

  6. Thanks everyone for the compliments. I had a great time making it and loved how simple and easy it was! Thanks again!

  7. By the way…does anyone know where I might get my hands on the patterns I saw at the Denver retreat? There were mainly just 2…one was a spider, looked like a small black box with dangly legs (maybe black pipe cleaners?) and the other was a “person” with I think it was pink plastic for the face? It stood up I think. Would LOVE to try something like that when my zing arrives.

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