Happy Birthday Sandy McCauley!!!!

There are so many cute fox things out there but when I saw this fox image I fell in love with it and decided to make it into a KNK cutting file.

Isn’t he adorable? Here is the cutting file  fox with foliage 2 2017.KNK



clear transfer tape




red capped blade

force 38

Speed 400

Cutting file fox with foliage 2 2017.KNK

He was super easy to weed and apply. I layered the white onto the brown and then applied it to the black layer and then to the card. He is sized for an A6 card.



4 thoughts on “Foxy

  1. Nancy, I know that I am obviously not reading how you put it together correctly….could you please…just for me…say that one more time LOL

    • Millie, the white part of the foxy fits nicely into the brown part of the fox. And then I take the white and brown and put them onto the black silhouette/background. I think if you cut the pieces it will be obvious.

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