Flower Wrap Card

Hi There fellow KnK-ers!

I thought I’d revisit the style of card I created for the Snow Scene Card I posted here but change it up for a spring/summer look, so instead of snowy buildings and trees I’ve opted for some bright sunny flowers. The card base has a cut away section and wraps around the card insert which then both become the front of your card. The cut file is available at the end of the post 🙂

These are the Materials I used:

These are the Zing Settings I used:

  • Blade = Standard
  • Blade Height = 25 post-it notes
  • Offset = 0.30
  • Speed = 10
  • Force =  100 (75 for cutmates)
  • Passes = 1

Pic 1. Here are all of the elements within the cut file, the 2 green layers were cut from Smooth & Silky Cardstock which is nice and sturdy and all of the other elements were cut from Cutmates which is great for more intricate cuts:

Flower Wrap Card 1

Pic 2. Using wet glue to give me some wiggle room time, I glued the 2 green layers together and popped the flower heads into place. While I had the glue out, I also glued the 3 sun layers together:

Flower Wrap Card 2

Pic 3. I flipped the card over and added one strip of double sided tape along the left edge of the back inside the card:

Flower Wrap Card 3

Pic 4. I folded my insert and lined up the fold line with the left edge of the double sided tape:

Flower Wrap Card 4

Pic 5. You can now fold your card base and add your sun to the top of the insert layer with a 3D foam pad:

Flower Wrap Card 5

Pic 6. With a few enamel dots popped into the middle of the flowers for some extra dimension, my card is finished:

Flower Wrap Card 6

If you would like to see more projects I have created with my Zing, access my Free Cut Files and read my Terms of Use, you can find my blog here: www.birdscards.com

Here is today’s Cut File:

Flower Wrap Card by Bird

Flower Wrap Card Cut File by Bird

31 thoughts on “Flower Wrap Card

  1. I would love to see more cards like this one, I’m making it right now. I don’t know many more ways to say thanks, I think I’ve used them all several times. You Rock!!

  2. Wonderful card and easy to follow tut! Thank you for the great idea and files.

  3. Superbe carte printanière ! Merci du partage , c’est très sympa .

  4. Love all your work. Thank you for sharing. You are so generous and it is much appreciated 🙂

  5. Wonderful!! I agree with another commenter who’s looking forward to any more variations you come up with on this concept. Thank you so much for all you do, Bird.

  6. Love the bright colors, precious idea for a card, you’re always creating something special. I think I’ll be cutting many hello circles. LOL Thank you for sharing with all of us.

  7. Such a beutiful card for a rainy day! still waiting for May flower to start blooming 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing!

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