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Have you seen this idea on Pinterest? You take an old frame and decorate it and then use it to take pictures of your kiddos on special days.

I think I’ve mentioned before, I’m going back into the classroom and guess what grade I’m teaching? I thought it would be fun to use this to take pictures of all the students on the first day of school. I’ll use the photos as a bulletin board and then send them home with the kids to give to their parents.

I found an old, awful frame. I should’ve taken a picture of it before this because it was UGLY.


It’s probably a good idea to put something under it when you spray paint it. Our grass is nearly dead anyway, so I figured a little color in it wasn’t going to hurt.

I used my Zing and drew a 7″ star in Make the cut and then used a Lettering Delights font to type the text. I cut everything out with paper and with chipboard. I had to make about 5 passes on the chipboard. I’m not entirely sure I was using a blue blade. I also bumped the force all the way up to 160 and slowed the speed down to 8. It makes the machine go reaallllyyyy sllloooowwwwwww…but I think I got a cleaner cut that way.

I used decoupage to glue the paper onto the chipboard.


I inked the edges with an orange stamp pad and then stuck the letters on the frame with foam tape. 20140810-IMG_4205


I got to thinking it might be cool to use velcro so you can change out the lettering depending on the event: birthday, first day of kindergarten, etc.

I asked Mini Me if I could cut out “First Day of High School” but I was denied.

I did ask her to pretend to be a 2nd grader and model for me.


She’s a good sport.


I told her it was going on a website and she said she didn’t care.



Well. Hope this gave you a cool idea to try. I’m making all sorts of classroom stuff with my Zing, so be prepared for a bunch of classroom related stuff in the future. I’ll try to start making some files to share again.

Until next time, Stay Classy KNK-ers.


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