Faux Glass Etch and Vinyl Labels for the office

We recently had a much needed renovation in our building. We went from antiquated cubicles to ‘real’ offices and they are VERY nice. I think it improved the mood of all of my co-workers! Bah! That might just be wishful thinking – I can’t hear everything they say anymore – LOL.

The doors and windows at the front of the offices were clear glass and it did not allow for much privacy. It was like being inside an indoor exhibit at the zoo as people walked by. We fixed that up pretty quick. In fact, I cannot believe how easy and quick this entire project was to complete! The doors are now completely covered with Faux Glass Etch vinyl and the windows are partially covered, leaving a foot at the top and a foot at the bottom of clear glass.

20150819_145457 (1024x510)


Settings (Maxx Air):

  • f = 13
  • v = 350
  • p = 1


  1. Measure the windows and design the office labels to fit the space, leaving approximately 2 inches on either side so that from an angle the entire name can be viewed.
  2. Design and cut the white vinyl lettering and weed the excess. Cover with transfer tape. Set aside. I cut rectangles around each name to make weeding easier. This is a 6-7 foot long piece of vinyl, 2 foot wide. 20150818_171616 (576x1024)
  3. Mark the window for the top and bottom positioning of the vinyl. Dry erase markers work perfectly and come off easily. Apply to the opposite side that you are going to apply the vinyl so that the application fluid doesn’t wash it off.
  4. Apply the faux glass etch vinyl using application fluid to allow time to position it into place. Trim excess with a razor sharp blade tool if necessary. Use a squeegee to push all of the air and fluid out the edges.
  5. Measure and mark the windows for lettering placement.
  6. Apply the vinyl lettering and squeegee all of the air bubbles out. Remove the transfer tape.

20150819_145543 (564x1024)

Voila! All in all, it took about 6 hours to cut and install this project on 12 door/window combinations.


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