Fabric Cross

I always enjoyed helping my mom make end off the year gifts for my teachers and couldn’t wait for my time to do it with my daughter.  My daughter attends a christian based pre-school and thought that a fabric cross on wood with a bible verse would be a perfect gift.  My daughter got to pick out the fabric and the paper for the project so she can have some part in it since she is still too young to use my Zing.  I haven’t yet tried my hand at cutting fabric with my Zing so I used an old school method…scissors.  My husband was very nice and cut, sanded, and stained the piece of wood since I really don’t want to be around the stain smell.  And then I got to work on finishing the project.


Materials used:

Settings (KNK Zing):

Cardstock (embossing):

  • Force:  165
  • Passes:  3
  • Speed:  10/10
  • Offset:  no offset
  • Embosser Height:  25 post-its

Cardstock (cutting):

  • Force:  70
  • Passes:  1
  • Speed:  10/10
  • Offset:  .25
  • Blade Height:  25 post-its


  • Force:  15
  • Passes:  1
  • Speed:  10/10
  • Offset:  .25
  • Blade Height:  25 post-its


  1. Stain or paint your board to your desired color.
  2. Attach the fabric in the back with staples, then tie with the embroidery floss to look like a cross.                                                                          cross tied
  3. Emboss your paper and then with out taking it out of your machine (or moving it in any way) change to your blade holder, modify settings, and cut out your strip of paper (make 2 of them).
  4. Fold and glue your pieces of paper together and then glue circles on each side to stabilize the pleated circle.                 pleated circle
  5. Hot glue the pleated circle and place a decorative embellishment to the center of the pleated circle.                                                                           no words
  6. Cut out your vinyl and place it on the board.                                      Finished

2 thoughts on “Fabric Cross

  1. Beautiful! What did you go on the back with the fabric? Can you better explain (with pictures or a fine reference) How to do the paper strips? ?Love the verse!!

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