Etching Glazed Coffee Cups

We all love the look of etched glass, but what else can you etch? I thought I would give a try to something a little different. I wasn’t sure if it would work. But how about glazed coffee cups? I knew the color would need to be dark for the etching to have the contrast it needs to be visible. So I picked up a set of four Pfaltzgraff cups that have a wonderful feel to them on the glaze- nice and smooth.

We have some friends who make the best pizza EVA! It is a Friday night tradition most weeks at their house. You’ll even find that they have their own facebook fan page for Uncle Doug’s Pizza. I have to admit I can be a little jealous when my kids get to go over for pizza night and I’m left out.=/

Since we are moving I wanted to make a special gift for these wonderful friends with whom we have shared so much over these past years. This is a gift for my friend. I figured it was time to have their own signature set of cups. So I made a set of four mugs. The mugs are made by Pfaltzgraff and have a great glaze on them. I masked off the pattern with some vinyl I cut in MTC with my Zing.

I made a design on the other side too.

I etched these with my air eraser and was really happy with how the finish looks on the glaze. What makes this project a little different is most people just etch clear glass. The frosted look also looks really great on dark colored glaze for contrast.

My friend is really into coffee, so I hope this set of four Uncle Doug’s Pizzeria coffee cups will be a reminder of how dear she is to my heart. <3 I just love the contrast of the etching on the dark glaze.

Thanks for stopping by to see my project~ happy crafting,

Trish (ImaCutter)

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Side note:
Some of you may be very familiar with an air eraser, but for those of you who aren’t, I will explain a little further. I have had mine now for over a year and love it. They are fairly inexpensive if you already own an air compressor. Your hubby might already have one— I happen to have my own.=D

The air eraser looks like a pen air brushing tool with a little hopper on top. You fill that compartment with Aluminum Oxide which runs about $10 a jar. I am still on my first jar and have dozens of projects. The air eraser tool itself only costs around $20 so the more costly part of the operation is the air compressor.

The etching process is really easy and safe. It is best to use a blasting cabinet to contain the powder. I did four cups in probably 10 – 15 minutes. You will have to refill the hopper a few times. It is super important to wear protect eyewear. I usually wear gloves. I made my own blasting cabinet from a clear plastic tote. It is also nice to store the other stuff I use with it in one place. There have been lots of discussions on the Make-the-Cut forum about air erasers. It is a good place to search for info if you are wanting to try this out for the first time. So keep in mind, your etching is not limited to just glass.

11 thoughts on “Etching Glazed Coffee Cups

  1. Very nice idea! I need to look into the air eraser more. Etched with crime last night and messed up 1 glass with drips. Love the look of the cups.

  2. If you want to etch on white or light colored ceramic things, before you remove the resist use paint to fill in the etching so it shows up. I use acrylics you bake in the oven.

    • I have been wanting to try this. I haven’t seen the paints in my local craft stores. Where do you get yours?
      Is there a certain brand your prefer?

  3. Very interesting. I have done lots of glass etching, but haven’t tried it with an air eraser. Thanks for the inspiration. Your results were fantastic.

  4. Ok here we go…I have etched the tumblers now on to the cups! Great Job! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Very interesting idea. I loved the cups. This looks way to difficult for me to grasp, but I love
    seeing new things and how people do them. Thanks for sharing.

    • Air erasing is actually pretty easy. The tool looks like an airbush pen tool. The cup holds the abrasive rather than paint. It is made just for abrasive material. There are some videos on Youtube that demonstrate how to use it. If you have an air compressor already then the cost is pretty inexpensive. I have done dozens of projects with it since I got it a year ago. It has been a good investment. One more outlet that I can use my cutter for. =D

  6. Wow, I never thought of etching a coffee mug. Looks like it turned out great! I’ll have to keep this one in mind. I’ve been looking to get an air eraser, myself. Thanks for sharing!

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