Etched Glass Patio Doors

The design for etching my doors was created on my 15″ Klic-N-Kut Maxx.  It is broken into four sections so the stencils could be cut from 12″ wide vinyl and applied individually.  The design is taller than can be cut on the mat that comes with the Maxx, but was nicely cut on a larger mat (16″ wide x 28″ long) which is available from Accugraphics for cutting larger projects on the Maxx.  Since there are 4 sections to the design, it also allows for the order of the flower sections to be changed.  My doors are each 33″ wide.  I used all 4 sections on the left door and spaced them slightly on the right door, only using 3.  There is lots of flexibility.  The four sections have 2 butterflies included with the flowers.  The additional butterflies were added after the flower/grass etching was completed.

Glass Etch Film from Accugraphics was used to cut the stencils.  Etchall cream was used for the actual etching.  I highly recommend Etchall because it is creamy and can be scraped off when the etching time is up and used again on your next project.  This feature of Etchall greatly reduces the cost of the product used for etching.

Now, I know that not everyone reading this post is going to want to etch their patio doors and possibly don’t have patio doors, so I used the same design to create this greeting card.  The card base and the flowers are cut from white cardstock.  The mat behind the flowers is 105# spruce green Corduroy Cardstock.

Cutting files used in these projects are available for downloading below:

Patio Door Etching Design in KNK Format

Patio Door Etching Design in PDF Format

Butterfly Designs in KNK Format

Butterfly Designs in PDF Format

Greeting Card Design in KNK Format

Greeting Card Design in PDF Format

42 thoughts on “Etched Glass Patio Doors

  1. This is just so totally cool!!! I love the design and love how you etched the windows. I ordered some of that window etching vinyl stuff from accugraphics so I can’t wait to use it.

    • Wow, Lynn! I would be so terrified of doing this! lol You nailed it! Etch All Barbee will be SO proud of you! I’ll send her a link so she can see it. : )

      • Thanks for the kind complements, Deb and Sandy. It’s so fun to be enjoying this “dream” that I have had for a long time. Those doors were so scratched from the dog that lived here before us, that I knew I would have to do something dramatic to camouflage them. The good news is …it worked.

  2. That’s one heck of an etch job! Love it. That card looks awesome too! Great looking file. Thanks Lynn 😀

    • It was fun to do, but my body was wishing it was 20 years younger with all that weeding that needed to be done so close to the floor.

  3. WOW! That is totally Cool. You did a awesome job on this.

    I have been wanting to do this, but have to wait till we can replace our broke storm door.
    Thank you for the file.


    • Ooooh, storm door! I have one of those — and it’s all glass, top to bottom. Now you’ve got me thinking ….

    • I will be looking forward to your post when you replace the storm door. Glad yu like them.

  4. You are so brave! It turned out awesome. Thanks for giving us the files…I doubt if I will try the patio doors but I will make the card.

    • So happy that you like the design for a card. When the door was finished, it was the result of wanting to have a post that had something for everyone. Enjoy!

  5. What a pretty card and your etching on the sliding doors actually made me consider working with vinyl and etching soloution for a moment…but then I stopped myself. TFS!

  6. OMG! This is awesome! You’re a lot braver than me, but boy did it pay off for you! This looks fantastic!!!

    • I don’t know if I was brave or not. I never thought once about not being able to do it. After it was finished, I found out that my husband had prepared himself to buy new doors. I reallly don’t understand why because I have a great success record. But then, I have never etched anyrhing on the scale of the patio doors. Tonight, he asked me when I am going to etch the transit over the front door. So, I guess they meet with his approval. Glad that you like them too.

  7. Wow, Lynn this is really great. I love the design and the look of your patio doors. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  8. Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful!!! What an amazing job and undertaking. It is just fantastic. Thanks for sharing the files. A great idea to use the files for a card. It is so pretty all in white with the dark green corduroy paper background.

  9. WOW! As always you have blown me away. This is so dramatic and beautiful. I wish I had doors to use it on.

    • Thanks, Barbie. You inspired me to have more than one use for a design …thus the card design.

  10. This is so beautiful. My Mom has some glass sliding doors that I would love to etch, but the last time I tried etching with cream it was a disaster. I have since discovered sand blast vinyl and it looks like the real thing but just not as permanent. Now just to try and convince my Mom, I’m sure if she see’s how great your doors look she will agree to it!!

    • Thanks for the complement, Candice. The Etchall cream that I use pretty much stays in place. I put it on and scrape it off with their little black applicator. Glass etching has several steps that are imperative you follow with great care. 1) Cut your stencil vinyl and apply with a good seal around the area to be etched. 2) Mask everything around that might be effected by an inadvertant splatter. 3) Wash and rewash to make sure there is no cream anywhere around when the stencil is removed. 4) Wash again. Hope this helps for the next time. I’m always available for questions.

  11. Awesome Lynn!!!! I love the design and that it is dramatic and subtle at the same time…….wonderful.
    In one of your replies you mentioned weeding so close to the floor, I’m curious about why you didn’t weed the design before applying transfer tape and applying to the glass? I do all the weeding before I apply, so I’m wondering if I’m missing something……………….

    • Doreen, like you, I do weed all of my vinyl cuts before application and keep them intact with transfer tape, EXCEPT when I am doing glass etching. Before applying the transfer tape, I weed outside the shape holding my design which in this case is the rectangular square and on a round object such as a coaster, it might be the round shape. On the door designs the rectangle around the design is very important to perfect placement of my design. Note that on the four patio door designs, the rectangles are all the same height. I think I need to write a tutorial with pictures, because sometimes our finished product is only as good as our process for getting there. I developed my method in the process of trying to etch bowls with all the designs placed at the same height. I hope this explanation is helpful.

  12. Wow, I love it. I am sure DH won’t let me use it on our doors but the card is great too….Thanks so very much for the files.

    • Glad that you like it. Maybe the clue is to sell your DH on how wonderful it would be. I think I have hit a home run with my DH.

  13. Lynn-
    you are so creative and not afraid to make your creativity live out LOUD! Good for you.

  14. Thanks so much for sharing your etching pattern. I have the same problem with my patio doors. This will be awesome! Carmen L

  15. WAAAAOOOOWWWW, Lynn Thas is AWESOME!!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH. That is TERRIFIC. I would be scare to make a project like that, but you inspired me. HM, My husban would kill me but I would like to try it, lol. Thanks Lynn

    • Omayra, the secret is to start small so that you have confidence in the process. You can do it. Most challenging for me was developing the design file and you can download that from here if you like it for your doors. Good luck. My husband loves it and I’m glad that you do too.

  16. Thanks, Michelle. If I can do it, anyone can do it. Start with small things first to gain your confidence.

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