Etched Glass Designs with Faux Etched Vinyl

There are so many uses for etched glass designs, and I really love the look. So when I wanted to do something extra special on a transom window in our house, I opted for faux etched vinyl to illustrate a memory from my childhood.

Faux Etch Vinyl Design

My dad was an avid fly fisherman. I have wonderful memories of being at our family cottage and listening from my bed as he came home with his limit of trout. Our cottage was close to the south branch of the Ausable River in Michigan, and fly fishing that river… well it didn’t get much better than that! Best of all was the times he took me fishing with him. Oh what fabulous memories!

I used Inkscape to design this scene to honor my dad. It depicts an evening of fishing with him.

Faux Etching Vinyl Transom Window


  1. Glass window or frame
  2. Faux Etched Vinyl
  3. Transfer paper
  4. Red Capped Blade
  5. Make the Cut Software

transom peeling backing 2

Settings for KNK Zing:

  1. Force – 20
  2. Speed – 10
  3. Multicut – 1


  1. Import or open your file in MTC
  2. Cut and weed your vinyl. (If you want put the vinyl on the back side of the glass, remember to reverse your design… especially if there is text in your design.)
  3. Apply transfer tape.
  4. Make sure glass surface is clean and dry.
  5. Apply to glass, burnish with squeegee, and remove transfer tapeEtched Glass Designs

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