Etched Frame Glass to Use as a Party Favor

Etch, KNK, Omayra, Groove Joyous times! My oldest son is getting married and his fiancé asked me to make an etching glass, for their guests. (as pictured above and below) She wanted to combine a gaming controller (specifically an “X-box” remote) with the cartoons/ “chibis.” That my younger son created/ designed for them. So using the program MTC, I was able to make a silhouette of a game control, in which I was able to add a heart, as well as the cartoon that my younger son created. I also wrote their names, under the controller.




  • F = 15
  • V = 150


  1. First, Using MTC, I traced the cartoons that my son created. And a silhouette of a gaming control as well.
  2. Then, using the Weld icon, I edited the graphics in order obtain the results that you see in the picture.
  3. After that, I cut the vinyl and weeded the parts I did not want.
  4. Followed by applying transfer tape.
  5. After that I proceeded to clean the glass with alcohol and allowed it to dry.
  6. Then I applied the vinyl to the glass and used it as a stencil.
  7. After which, I applied the etching cream and let it stand for 5 minutes. That is a cream that you can use over and over. So make sure that you put the cream back to it container.
  8. While waiting for those 5 minutes, I painted the frame.
  9. Finally, clean the glass and you are done. Add the glass to the frame and that is it, the project is complete. Congratulations!

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