Etched Floating Christmas Ornament

Photo of floating Christmas ornament with etched transparency insert

Etched “Floating” Snowflakes


I make a lot of floating Christmas ornaments to sell, or to give to friends and family. I was trying to think of something a little different to do with them and decided to see if I could “etch” the transparency film that I use inside the ornament. I think my etched floating Christmas ornament turned out pretty cute, and I’m looking forward to trying more designs in the near future!


  1. Intermediate Outdoor Vinyl
  2. Blue Capped Blade
  3. Clear Glass Ornament
  4. Overhead Transparency
  5. Glue Gun
  6. Ribbon
  7. Krylon Gold Leafing Pen

Settings on KNK Zing:

  • Etching Transparency:
  1. Force – 8
  2. Speed – 10
  3. Multicut – 3
  • Cutting Transparency:
  1. Force – 45
  2. Speed and Multicut – Same as above
  • Cutting Vinyl:
  1. Force – 15
  2. Speed – Same
  3. Multicut – 1

Steps for Creating Etched Floating OrnamentsSteps:

  1. Adhere transparency to mat and insert into cutter.
  2. Open free MTC file.
  3. Turn On “Snowflake Circle”, “Circle”, and “Registration” Layers.
  4. Other Layers must be Off.
  5. Adjust blade so that very little is exposed and insert blade and holder in cutter.
  6. Adjust settings and cut.
  7. DO NOT remove mat and transparency.
  8. Remove blade holder and expose enough blade to cut through transparency..
  9. Replace holder and blade
  10. Turn off “Snowflake Circle” and “Circle” layers.
  11. Leave “Registration” layer on, and turn on “Insert” layer.
  12. Set “Blade Origin” to “Use Last”.
  13. Cut, then remove from cutter.
  14. Turn off all layers except “Snowflake”..
  15. Cut vinyl according to settings above
  16. Weed excess vinyl.
  17. Before removing vinyl from backing, carefully paint tips of snowflake with Gold Pen.
  18. When dry, use transfer tape to adhere vinyl to center of insert. (It may be helpful to tape insert to surface to hold in place for this step.)
  19. Roll up insert and place in glass ornament.
  20. Snip off portion of insert tab that is sticking above neck of ornament.
  21. Replace ornament cap.
  22. Add Gold Leafing to cap and to tips of ribbon if desired.
  23. Make bow and hot glue to cap.
  24. Add vinyl text to exterior of ornament if desired.

Collection of three Floating Ornaments with etched inserts



6 thoughts on “Etched Floating Christmas Ornament

    • You’ll want your insert to be just slightly smaller than the diameter of the ornament you are using. The ornament I use is 2.5 inches so the insert is about 2.45″.

  1. My goal for 2016 is to take the time to learn MTC, unless the Force comes with all new software. This is inspiring!

    • It took me a while to get used to MTC…. and I am still learning. But I really like its features. I use Inkscape for most of my designing. But MTC is so easy for things such as creating the ring of snowflakes. (I was explain that in the tutorial, but it was getting too long!) lol

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