Etched Chip & Dip Bowls with Sports Theme

Bowls etched with sports figures are sure to be a hit with the sports fans in your family or a conversation piece at your next party.

The larger of these two bowls is etched with figures representing golf, hockey, football, baseball, basketball, and tennis.  Since the shapes vary in size and orientation, placement and order can make a difference in your finished project.  The attached PDF explains how to compensate for these differences and achieve perfect placement that is visually appealing. All the stencils for etching were cut on my 15″ Klic-n-Kut Max.

The smaller bowl is etched with the equipment used by the players:  golf ball, hockey puck, football, baseball, basketball, and tennis ball.

For the best results, I strongly suggest using cylinder-shaped bowls like these.  A Google search for “Artland Simplicity Cylinder Salad Bowl” will help you locate them in your area.  The smaller bowl is an “Artland Simplicity Cylinder Nappy Bowl.”

Lots of glass etching information and step-by-step how-to’s are included in the following PDF’s.  Enjoy!

Bowl Layout

Etching Steps

52 thoughts on “Etched Chip & Dip Bowls with Sports Theme

    • Debbie, I’m not into sports either, but I am always looking for something for the sports fan, so was glad when this idea came along. Glad you like them.

    • How sweet of you to like my projects. Maybe you should consider making a set for your football Sundays. Having seen my demo, along with the attached PDF’s you are all set..

  1. These are great! I need to do some with Ohio Stae logos. They are ALWAYS SO expensive in the stores. What a great money saving idea!!

    • You just gave me another idea. I have a friend that never misses an Ohio State game. I’m going to put him on my to-do list for a set with Ohio State logos. Thanks for the complement and good luck in making yours.

    • OH YEAH! My husband would love these with Ohio State “things”. What is it about Ohio State and saying HI BUCKEYES! every time you meet someone with an Ohio State shirt on?? These are the
      neatest gifts!! Thanks for your ideas!

    • Thanks for your comments. I would be very interested in other applications that you have in mind.

    • I love these. What a great job and wonderful instructions. Thanks so much. I’m with Trish, gotta do some Ohio State stuff. Go Bucks Trish.

      • Pam, you and Trish have given me a idea of being team specific. Good luck in making yours. Thanks for your comments.

    • Paula, I’m happy that you like them. They will make great Christmas gifts and will be an easy do with my instructions and tips. If you need more, don’t hesitate to contact me.

  2. I agree with Sandy. You are the glass etching queen! These are just perfect for any time of year and would be great gifts for anyone or any family that is into sports. Your directions and methods make it so much easier. Thanks for sharing all of your hard work and talents.

    • Like I told Sandy, comments like these make me want to do more etching. As you know it is always fun to do things that others like. For you, my next will not be sports themed.

  3. Lynn’s etching work is fantastic! I saw some of it in person at the KNK retreat in September and she has excellent instructions. So etch away ladies to make some wonderful holiday gifts.

    • I was so happy to share my etching with you in Denver and meet you personally. Now, I challenge you to get busy and etch away. It’s fun!

  4. These are fantastic! The fine details of the graphics (such as the threads on the baseball and pits on the golf ball) are fabulous.

    • Thanks, Michele. One of the things that I like about glass etching is the detail that is achievable when I use a quality resist like the one accugraphics carries.

  5. These are beautiful -they would make perfect gifts and there are some many ways to make them personal.
    Great job and thanks for the etching tips.

  6. These are phenomenal! I was awed at the very intricate cuts. My son’s birthday is coming and he would be in heaven! Thanks for sharing a wonderful and timely project.

    • So glad you like these. They would make a great gift for your son. Good luck with your project. The etching vinyl from Accugraphics will give you a firm hold so that intricate detail is possible.

  7. I’ve had the luxury of seeing these, in person! I even got a demonstration of how to do this! Thanks for sharing, Lynn 😀

    • Chad, it was my pleasure to be able to show these to you in person. So happy you liked them.

    • I think one of the reasons that I like glass etching as much as I do is because with a little care, professional results are possible. Give it a try, you can have professional results also!

    • What a pleasure it was to meet in Denver and share my glass etching with you. Now, you need to have some of the fun I have had with glass etching. Go for it!

    • There is nothing like giving a gift that is personalized. Glass etching gives us that option. One of my favorite things to do is find glass items at Goodwill and elevate them to something special. If you haven’t already, I hope you will try glass etching sometime.

      • I agree with you that t he holidays are always a great time for spotlighting our crafts while giving someone a personalized gift. Your complements are appreciated.

    • Glad that you like them. Glass etching is a craft venue that accommodates a little bit of detail going a long way.

  8. Great job, Lynn. I’m always amazed at how perfectly you can get the round bowls/pieces done without bleed over. Maybe I’ll try it some day.

    • Thanks, Barbie. It doesn’t take a lot of skill to do glass etching. Mostly, it takes desire, perseverance, and methodically following the steps. I’m sure you can do it!

  9. I may just have to make something like this for my son who loves to play golf; for my bff since 3rd grade, and for her dad. He owns a golf course/country club in the neighboring town and she runs it and is a very avid golfer! I’m thinking glasses maybe, or perhaps a serving dish of some kind. Thanks for the idea!

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