Engrave with KNK and MTC

This is a BONUS post – I just couldn’t wait to share how to engrave fill with KNK and MTC.

For those of us with KNK Studio, we have the ability to use fill options for engraving. Using Make-the-Cut many of us have only engraved text or shape outlines.


0.030 Craft Plastic – Zing/Maxx Engraving Tool, silhouette shape then cut with Thick Material Blade

Following the retreat in Orlando this weekend Omayra, retreat guest Danny, and I were brainstorming how to make it work. We immediately got out our computers and started making notes. Once we developed a solution AND some absolutely fabulous alternatives, I was itching to try it out. Unfortunately, I did not bring a machine to Florida with me. Danny sensed my anticipation and willingly unpacked his Zing Air and let me play!!! Glorious! I contemplated using photo glass from one of the hotel pictures but luckily had some craft plastic left over from the retreat to play with (so I resisted).


These are some of the patterns we explored:

Circles at 0.02 gap


Stars at 0.01 mm gap


Stars at 0.02 mm gap

I created a video (sorry, no sound while I’m here in Florida) and a step-by-step pdf so you can create your own engraving patterns!

YouTube Video link


PDF instruction set

What’s even more exciting is that I saved all of the engraving patterns I created to “Your (my) Shapes” for later use! Create once, and use forever!

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  1. Thanks! I haven’t tried engraving yet so this is exciting! Thanks for the inspiration to try it!

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