Engraving Glass Tiles

I had so much fun engraving on craft plastic after the Orlando retreat, I wanted to try a glass tile. I just love the way it looks! For this particular project, I used the diamond fill – I wanted it to radiate from the ‘heart’ – and a black glass tile. I found a number of glass tiles at Menard’s in the clearance bin.



Settings (Maxx Air):

  • f = 70
  • v = 180
  • p = 2


  1. Tape the tile to the mat – between roller locations – ensuring that it will not move during the engraving process. 20150131_180830_opt
  2. Move the blade carriage over the tile so that you can test the tool height. Place 25 post it notes on top of the glass tile and insert the engraving tool. Tighten the engraving tool in place.  20150131_180913_opt
  3. Place the object at the lower right corner of the virtual mat in Make-the-Cut. Use WYSIWYG and set the origin at the lower right corner of the glass tile on your mat. I used a rounded square to simulate my tile so that I could properly place my words and silhouette. EngraveTile
  4. Uncheck ‘offset’ before engraving (using the settings for your model of KNK). 20150131_181659_opt
  5. Remove the glass tile and clean/polish.


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I am the proud mother of 2 grown children, waiting for grandchildren some day. I've been married to my best friend since 1988. I have been crafting since I was a girl - I can't even remember a time when I wasn't creating something, and I've tried nearly everything. I discovered KNK in 2009 and have loved the company and its products ever since. The machines are so versatile and enhance my own creativity. It is rare that I make something without my KNKs.

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    • Thank you! This was done using 2 passes. It was super easy. You should try it – it opens up a whole new avenue!

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