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It is almost Mother’s day and some of us are trying to figure out what to give our moms that looks expensive but it is not… LOL. Well, with my KNK Groove-e machine I made some really inexpensive gifts that look really nice. These are engraved Acrylic and Mirror. The mirror is a Candle base from the Dollar Store. The engraving tool did a great job on it. (It was impossible for me to take the picture without the mirror show the hands but the mirror looks very nice). If you want to personalize it, just engrave the name of that special person on it, or engrave a special message dedicated just to her.

Materials Used:


  • KNK Groove-e
  • Engraving Tool
  • Force = 150 for Acrylic Material, Three passes
  • Force = 100 for the Mirror, Three Passes
  • Speed = 150 (Almost all of my projects are done with this speed)


    • Design your project in KNK Studio or MTC
    • Insert the Engraving Tool and engrave your design
    • Once engraved, insert the Blue Cap Blade, leave the force on 150 and cut the acrylic. (With the Mirror you do not have to do this step)
    • Clean the Acrylic
    • Finally, embellish as you desire. I cut the word Mom and placed it on top of the engraved word to make it 3D and then I added Butterflies with double side 3D tape. I placed different colored CardStock behind the acrylic to demonstrate different looks.

KNK, Omayra, Engraving Tool,


  • For more information on engraving, refer to Section 10.09 of the KNK with MTC user manuals or Sections 9.04 and 9.05 of the KNK with KNK Studio user manuals. Here are a few more videos that might be of interest:
  • Setting up an Engraving Pattern for MTC

    Engraving Existing Objects on the Zing

    17 thoughts on “Engraved Mother’s Gifts

    1. Wow love these! I’m a little confused when you said you don’t need to do this for the mirror. Do you do the top if the mirror or the back? How thick is the acrylic material? How do you keep it so straight? Sorry for all the questions. Is the pink vinyl?

      • Carol, do not worry for your questions Lol. When I say that you do not have to make that part to the mirror is because after the machine has finished engraving you have to cut the acrylic. The mirror you do not have to cut it, that mirror is a candle holder that the back of it is black. I did the top of the mirror. To make the acrylic I did all the engraving first and then change the blade to the blue one and cut the acrylic. And finally the pink it is cardstock. I hope I have answered all your questions Lol, but if you have any other question please do no hesitate to contact me.

      • If you are going to use KNK studio, yes you use banner fill. But that project was using MTC and I follow a video that Sandy sent to me where Bryan explain how to make engraving in MTC. I will email Sandy to see if she can add that video to the post. He explain really good.

    2. Another thing I have yet to try. I bet 90% of the people who own KNK’s only use 25% of the functions available. The space people could have if they got rid of all of their tools and learned to use their KNK to it’s full potential. Very nice, thanks for the inspiration!

    3. Fantastic job, Omayra! I would not have thought that you could engrave on glass. Thanks for sharing the information and the beautiful results.

      • Thank you Judy. I never thought that we could either Lol. But I wanted to do something different and not to expensive, ;). And it looks really beautiful.

    4. I’m confused also. Do you tape the mirror on? How thick is it? Oh my, inquiring minds want to know.

      • Oh I am sorry, I forgot to include the whole step on how to make the mirror. You have to measure the mirror and cut that shape on a cardstock. Inside that hole that was cutout on the cardstock is where you are going to tape the mirror. Yes, the mirror is thick, you have to place it between the wheels of the machine and the wheels cannot tocuh the mirror. I do not know if you watched the video that Sandy is showing how to engrave a dog tag, but it is the same way that Sandy use to tape the dog tag. I will ask Sandy to add that video to my post. If you have any other question, please do not hesitate to contact.

    5. Beautiful gifts, such creative ideas too, thanks for sharing. ~Diane

    6. I don’t know if a mirror could fit in a Zing or not. I would have to see the thickness. I haven’t engraved anything yet!~ My sister is getting remarried in July! I’ll have to put some thought into this one! LOL Thanks again!
      love hugs and prayers
      p.s. hope to see those videos! 🙂

    7. If that candle holder does not fit in your Zing, They have a frame that is a thin mirror. You can try that one. The candle holder is thicker and have four rubber stand that make the stand taller

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