Engraving again! with my KNK and the Engraving Tool

I hope you’re not getting tired of engraving projects – I haven’t exhausted my opportunities for trying different materials yet! For this project, I’m engraving Plexiglass for a photo frame.

I picked up the frame at a local thrift store and applied a coat of Rustoleum Hammered Metal in Black. I love upcycling and found a couple of other things for future projects while I was there.

Engraving on Plexiglass Materials:


  • f = 120
  • v = 200
  • p = 2


  1. Create your design.
  2. Apply engraving fill as desired.
  3. Tape the plexiglass to the mat.    Tape to the mat
  4. Engrave. I love watching my design appear!   Watch the magic happen.
  5. Lightly blow with air or brush away the shavings with a soft cloth.
  6. Assemble into your picture frame. I placed a red piece of cardstock behind the plexiglass.

I envision this application working well together with shadow boxes and photograph backgrounds – its a whole new way of personalizing. Oh, oh, oh and I’d love to engrave a border for holiday photos! Good thing I bought 25 sheets of this stuff!


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About Cuttin' with KNK (Michele)

I am the proud mother of 2 grown children, waiting for grandchildren some day. I've been married to my best friend since 1988. I have been crafting since I was a girl - I can't even remember a time when I wasn't creating something, and I've tried nearly everything. I discovered KNK in 2009 and have loved the company and its products ever since. The machines are so versatile and enhance my own creativity. It is rare that I make something without my KNKs.

13 thoughts on “Engraving again! with my KNK and the Engraving Tool

    • Thank you, I’m having quite a bit of fun with engraving – as you can tell. lol

    • Thank you, Omayra! I love your engraving projects too, they are so beautiful.

  1. I love these posts especially simce I haven’t done engraving yet so it keeps me inspired to try this! Does MTC have engrave fill?

    • Though there isn’t a feature in the MTC software, I came up with a solution following the Orlando retreat where we were all amazed with Omayra’s fabulous engravings using KNK Studio. See that post on Team KNK by searching Engraving. The post is dated in January 2015.

    • The Zing absolutely can engrave! In fact, at the last retreat in Wisconsin we had quite a few people engraving with their Zings and I’ve engraved in the past with mine – although I have to admit the Maxx is my “baby” and the Zing is my travel companion. Consequently when I’m home, the Maxx is the one that I always go to.

      • great I thought so but haven’t experimented yet. Will be giving it a try. Does the plexiglass come in different thickness? if so what did you use?

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