Engraved Holiday Gift Tags

Every Christmas I make the tags for my family’s gifts.  This year I decided I wanted them to be something that they could keep as ornaments.  While out shopping I saw these little metal tags in the $1 bin and my husband said, “These will work with your engraving tool for your Zing.”  Well they sat around my craft room for months and I finally got the nerve to try to engrave them.

knk dec2015 project tags

Materials used

  • Metal tags
  • Engraving tool
  • Blue painter’s tape (Not “Duck” brand.  It does not hold well enough)


  • Force:  140
  • Speed:  9/10
  • Offset:  None
  • Passes:  2
  • Blade Height:  25 post-its


  1. I created my file in MTC and chose a font and the images I wanted to use.  Searching “Holiday clip art black and white” yielded numerous possibilities.
  2. I imported and made a duplicate copy of my images and text so I would have an engraved outline.
  3. I used a previous post from Michele to create the fill for the engraving and used Boolean join to fill one set of my images and words.
  4. I stacked the two sets of images/words and placed them on the virtual mat where I was placing the tag on the actual mat (I also made a shape of the tag to ensure I had the correct size).
  5. I taped the tag to the mat using blue painters tape to ensure it wouldn’t move. mat1
  6. I then placed the mat in the machine and used WYSIWYG to line up the engraver and let it do its thing.
  7. Last, I flipped over the tag, re-taped, and engraved on the back.
  8. Voila! You have a gift tag and an ornament.

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