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This is a cute pencil embellishment that any girl will love to have. I will show you a step by step picture tutorial.

To make this embellishment I used my WONDERFUL KNK Groove-e with the blue cap, and a V=150, and F=25 or, depending on the mm of the Fun Foam, F=30.

First step: download and cut all the pieces.



Styrofoam Ball and pom pom ballGlue the styrofoam ball and the Pom Pom ball together


Fun Foam Face Pre-heat one of the Fun Foam squares that will make the back of her head.Back of her headWith this hot, cover the back of the Styrofoam.


Cut the remaining of the Fun Foam so just half of the Styrofoam is Funfoam and styrofoam balls covered. Repeat the same steps with the front of the Styrofoam which will make her face.


Glue Glue back headwhat will be the back of her head to half of the styrofoam ball. And do the same with her face.



EarsGlue the white part of the ear. Sorry that I did not take picture of the part. So I am going to explain but it is not difficult to do it. The stripe that says: “To cover her back and face…”, glue that part in the middle of the Styrofoam ball where the head and face meet together. This is to cover imperfections. And glue the ears and bow to her head.

The Body Now, we will start with her body. Glue the part that says body (Do not glue it directly to the pencil because then you will not be able to change the pencil, when needed). This has to be tight so the embellishment does not move when you are using the pencil.


SkirtTo make her skirt, preheat the circle part and with your fingerSkirt make the shape of the skirt.



GBodylue her blouse and her skirt to her body. If you want her sexSexyy, then cut the blouse a little bit short.



Glue face to BodyThen, glue her head to her body and draw her face.



SmileTo draw her smile I used a cap from a soda so the smile is perfect.



With this same technique you can make a lot of different dolls or boy dolls, too!

Example 086









Perfect for a gift…

Example Example









Here is the cutting file in .KNK, .MTC, and .SVG file format:

Angelina Ballerina Pencil Top Cutting File








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  1. How cute, I know a 10 year old who would just love this if I could make it look like a Pet Shoppe Teensie, LOL!! Nice work, thanks for sharing!

  2. Another cute crafting idea, Omayra. I’ve never worked with the foam but
    I can see limitless possibilities with this file. Kids like cool things like this so it will be fun to give it a whirl and see what I can come up with. Thanks for sharing the file.

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