Embroidery Glitter – No Hansel and Gretel Story

Embroidery Glitter is a new favorite at my house!

From my post earlier this month, you may remember that I just recently learned how to create appliques. I use Make-the-Cut to create my designs, since the program is second nature to me (I am working on learning SCAL though). The MTC file can also be used to cut out my applique material, saving me from potentially square feet or yards of waste. Finally, I export the cutting file as an svg and import it into my embroidery software to create the applique.

So what about Hansel and Gretel and their trail of bread crumbs?

I admit, although I love, love, love glitter in general I hate glitter anywhere it is not intended to be. I was reminded of this while at the neighbor’s house last week for a Christmas crafting party. There were eight other ladies there enjoying hot cocoa, pastries, and lots and lots of decorative embellishments for cards, bags and boxes. Many of the embellies were coated in glitter and there was glitter literally EVERYWHERE! There was glitter all over the counters. The tables and the floors glistened. There was even glitter on the cat, on the dog, and on people’s faces…. That’s why I love the products from KNK USA. I never have to worry about loose glitter showing up wherever I have been!

Embroidery Glitter from KNK USA

Embroidery Glitter is stunning. The flash really made it flash – look at those sparkles (from the material, not the floor)!

embroidery glitter

Embroidery Glitter is similar to Glitterflex Ultra, but made specifically to be used with embroidery machines (sewing machines work as well – I just wouldn’t have the necessary hand-eye coordination). It is available in a width of 19.5 inches and 1, 5 or 10 yard lengths. The flakes of glitter are encased in a heat sealing adhesive so you will never leave a trail of glitter crumbs!

Embroidery Glitter is available in 14 stunning colors:

Embroidery Glitter

Embroidery Glitter will adhere to cotton, uncoated polyester, fabric blends, wool and linen. It can be used with any sewing or embroidery machine, just like a regular applique. A typical applique process can be used:

  1. Stitch a placement line
  2. Use a temporary adhesive, that is safe for your machine, to apply the embroidery glitter over the placement stitch
  3. Stitch the applique down with a simple running stitch, and then
  4. Finish with a thin satin stitch

If you decide not to cut pieces to match the applique pattern, you can simply pull away the excess material from around the satin stitch. The final step with Embroidery Glitter is to heat set it.

Embroidery Glitter Heat Settings

With this product, as with most HTV and appliques, you will want to wash it inside out in warm water on a gentle cycle. You can tumble dry on low heat.

Please visit Team KNK on Wednesday when I reveal my project made with Embroidery Glitter from KNK USA! I can’t wait to show it to you! Team KNK will also be offering a FREE FILE with HTV, Embroidery Glitter and Rhinestone options!!!

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