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In this Post I just wanted to talk about the TERRIFIC tool that you can use with your KNK cutter machines. The KNK Zing Embossing Tool has two ball-shaped ends, one bigger than the other, giving you the option to do a thinner or a thicker lines or embossing. And where You can use them to Emboss paper, thin card-stock, Vellum paper, regular paper, etc. You can also use the ball shaped of this tool to scoring fold-up designs.

This tool is made of a durable metal material which allow you to make a beautiful embossing. You can just emboss a simple silhouette, Emboss filling out a whole design or you can use a combination of both methods like I did in the following examples (the examples were posted on June 13, click here if you want to see the step by step) .

The Doves on the Invitation were just drawn without filling out their bodies.

Invitation, KNK, Omayra, Vellum

On the edge of the Invitation you can see that the dots are completely embossed, giving them a bolder look.

June 9th post

It is a Really GREAT tool that I invite you to try. There is a Ton of great projects that you can do with it. Put this Embossing Tool in your KNK Machine and let your imagination run.

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  1. Another awesome card. I wish you had a video using this. I haven’t tried it enough to have good success.

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