Embossing Metal with KNK

Wow what an honor to be asked to post something here!!

A friend of mine wanted to do something unique with her company logos to hang in her office. The above picture was the end result! Course this was only after some help from Sandy (Thank you!!) and watching and re-watching one of her videos and a LOT of experimenting!!

I started by scanning all four logos into MTC using Pixel Trace. Then I saved as EPS files and imported each into KNK Studio. Since I am more familiar with KNK Studio, I did all my node editing there. All of these were going to be ‘debossed’ which means the logo was reversed and embossed into the back side of the metal so the image would be raised on the front side.

I used sheets of 36 Gauge .005 Aluminium Foil. I used a pressure of 100 with two passes on my Groove E. I had to be a little careful so the rollers on KNK would not run on the good part of the metal and leave an impression. After Groove E did all the work, I applied a few drops of Alcohol Ink in three different Earth Tone colors. I let them run together and then gently blotted with a sponge and occasionally adding a little Alcohol Blending Solution until I was happy the colors. It may be a little hard to see in the picture but I ended with a rustic copper look to the metal. I let all that dry over night and then gently sanded the raised logo.

After this was finished and hanging in her office for less then a day, her boss liked it so well that he claimed it as his own and I have yet to make her another one!! Guess I should get started on that!!

14 thoughts on “Embossing Metal with KNK

  1. Great Job, Colleen!!! Isn’t it great what our machines can do! And that you can use files back and forth in KNK Studio and MTC. Looks very professional.

  2. You did a wonderful job! I can see why her boss wanted it and am inspired to give your shared techinque a try, as I have never used any of the items you used to accomplish this outstanding piece of art. Thanks for sharing the details of how you did it.

  3. Thank you all for your kind comments. This was a fun project. A LOT of trial and error but the end result was worth it especially when her boss wanted to keep it as his own! The alcohol inks are fun to play with. It is amazing how they blend and give a marbled affect.

  4. What wonderful Job!!! That looks really nice, and great idea, really it is something unique for the company. Great job!!!

  5. Fantastic job, Colleen. I love embossed metal and having a Groove-E makes me want to learn it so I can do these kind of projects too. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thank you, No I have checked KNK site several times, but I don’t think they sell metal. I purchased from Merc-Art…..mercartusa.com.

  6. This is well done and unique. I bet they were really happy with this.

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