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My son’s room is done all in tractors and there isn’t much baby room decor available for that theme.  I wanted to make something unique for his wall and I haven’t embossed metal lately.  To hide the edges of the metal I made a custom “mat” with antique tractor logos.




  • Force:  140
  • Offset:  none
  • Passes:  2
  • Speed:  9/10


  • Force:  115
  • Offset:  .25
  • Passes:  1
  • Speed:  10/10


  1. I created the file for the “mat” by googling the images and pixel tracing them.
  2. I cut out the “mat.”
  3. For the embossing I found an outline of my object, which happens to be a tractor (surprise).
  4. On my cutting mat I taped down some Con-tact shelf liner, that helps give the mat some cushion and enhances the embossing.                 
  5. Since the shelf liner isn’t sticky you need to tape down the metal securely.                
  6. Ensure your pinch wheels are not positioned over the portion of the metal you are embossing.  It will leave tracks.                                          
  7. Set offset to 0 and emboss.
  8. Carefully remove the metal from the mat and trim to size using tin snips or stout scissors.  For easy cutting I placed a box around my picture to help align the finished product.                                                   
  9. Mount the embossing and frame.                            

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