Embossed Card and Notepad Cover

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This project was made with vellum paper, the embossing tool from knkusa.com, plus my wonderful KNK Groove-e. I used the following settings: V=450 and F=150. For the notepad cover I used two sheets of computer paper underneath so the embossing would be a little bit deeper and more noticeable. With the Hello Kitty card I did not use anything beneath the vellum.

This is how the card looks as soon the Groove-e machine finished doing her job and before coloring:

This is the card after completion:


Notepad message

Notepad open










8 thoughts on “Embossed Card and Notepad Cover

  1. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEE this…. I have not really had the time to try embossing but my attempts were terrible. I’d love to see a you tube video with setup and all done on the Zing or the KNK XL/Maxx etc with the zing embossing time. I’m sad to say I had to abandon helping a neighbor making tags for her daugthers wedding because I couldn’t get it right 🙁

    • Be positive Carol. When I bought my machine I thoughtthat would be imposible for me to do something with it. But was not like that, every time I have something to do and some new things to learn. I cannot make any video because I have no idea how to do it. I learned embossing in a retreat that I went in Tampa (KNK retreat with Sandy). But be positive because you cand do whatever you put in your mine. Good luck :-):-):-)

  2. These are amazing, Omayra. Love them and thanks for sharing them. You always amaze me by what cool projects you create with your Zing.

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