CardStock Monkey Decoration – Instructions and Free File


KNK, Monkey, Cardstock, Omayra

You can decorate the table for any baby shower or birthday party using this beautiful centerpiece made with cardstock.

Materials Used:



    • Cut the attached monkey files.
    • Glue the pieces to form the Monkey.
    • Embellish the Monkey with ribbon and set it aside.

Palm Tree

    • Using the CardStock from, cut the palm leaves in the attached file to the size that you want. Click here to follow step-by-step on how to make a palm tree. I used the Beige Cardstock and painted them green so they look a little bit realistic.
    • For the trunk I used Styrofoam and painted it brown.
    • Take the paper bag and make it a ball so this has wrinkles.
    • After that take a piece of Styrofoam and cover it with the wrinkled paper bag.
    • Finally, glue the monkey to the palm tree.



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