Eiffel Party Decoration

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This is a decoration for party favor boxes that I made for our nieces’ “Quinceañero” (Sweet 15). Her theme is going to be Paris, but using Silver and Purple. For her party favors, I wanted to make the Eiffel Tower on top of the boxes that will hold a frame with her picture in it.

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This is a decoration that you can use not just on top of the box but also by itself to decorate a table or even the cake and it is very easy to make.

So lets do it, The materials that we are going to use this time to make this project are:

Settings for Force Machine

  • Blade = Blue
  • BT = 2
  • P= 1
  • CD = 68
  • BO = .02


  1. I traced the Eiffel Tower in MTC using a coloring page from the web. I made two sides with holes and two sides plain
  2. Then I hot glued the four sides together to form a 3D Tower.
  3. Then, I decorated it with Silver ribbon
  4. To decorate the box, I hot glued Silver Ribbon as well as a flower.
  5. To finish decorating the 3D Eiffel Tower, I hot glued a bow made of tulle and hot glued a purple flower to it as well.



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  1. Can you sell to me? I live in Brasil. I would like two angels for the First comunion of my boy.

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