Eggxactly What I Had In Mind

I have several fabric wall hangings which I display depending on the season of the year.  I did not have one with an Easter theme.  When I found some cute machine embroidery designs on-line on the Molly Mine site, I knew I wanted to use them to make a new wall hanging.  I didn’t want just a traditional quilted piece with rectangular blocks, sashing strips, and borders.  It seemed that something with egg shapes would be appropriate. 

As I thought about it and came up with an idea of a design in my mind, I knew that I could use my KNK Studio software and my KNK Maxx to help me in designing as well as making my project.

I used the KNK Studio sofware to create an egg shape and border which just fit the embroidered designs.   Then I cut templates from card stock with my KNK Maxx to check that the borders were sized correctly.  The fabric borders were cut on my KNK Maxx using stabilized fabric and the fabric blade.  An additional card stock template was used to position the border around the embroidery and yet another card stock template became the pattern for cutting the batting to be placed inside the egg shapes.

After a few more sessions at the sewing machine, some finishing by hand sewing, and a trip to the back yard to liberate a branch from a tree, this is eggxactly what I had in mind.



Isn’t it great that we can use the software and our cutters for all sorts of applications in our crafts and our lives!

For more information about how I used my KNK Studio software and my KNK Maxx to help with my project, click on the link below to download the tutorial.

Eggxactly What I Had in Mind

30 thoughts on “Eggxactly What I Had In Mind

  1. That is so cute! I love the idea of combining ME witj cutting! Your colors are great….so happy and springy! TFS!

    • Thank you, Jeannie. The embroidered rabbits have such cute expressions it was fun to watch them stitch out.

  2. Oh my aching goodness, this is so adorable. I love the colors and your shapes! I want to buy these – where can I get them? jk – I’m sure you won’t part with them.

    • Thanks, Michele! You are right, I don’t plan to part with them but you can buy the designs at the Molly Mine site. Email me privately if you want more info.

  3. It is so great to hear that you used the fabric blade with success. My daughter wants a custom shower curtain for her new home. She wants me to cut the design and Aunt Susie, who does beautiful machine applique will finish it. Any tips other than the stabilizer? What an adorable Easter decoration!

    • Thanks, Nancy. The fabric blade is easy to use with stabilized fabric and a sticky mat. The cardstock templates to check the shapes can be helpful if you have shapes that can distort easily. Will be glad to ‘talk’ more via private email.

  4. Judy, this is absolutely wonderful! Having advanced notice of what you were working on, I have my fabrics and am ready to go. I hope Easter doesn’t come and go before I finish it. But, if it does, I’ll have it for next year. You are a true inspiration. Thanks for sharing with us all and special thanks for the wonderful tutorial.

    • Thank you, Lynn! You help me so much in so many ways that I am delighted to be able to give you a bit of inspiration now and then. I hope the tutorial helps.

  5. These are adorable! Valentine’s Day is barely over and you already have a wall hanging for Easter.

  6. Oh Judy you did it again It is great I think I will try to make some (from Paper) so the kids can put them together from Momm Great work Love to look at all you ideas.

    • Thanks, Helen. I glad you like it. Sounds like a great idea and a fun project for the kids to make them out of paper. Would love to see the end results.

  7. They are just adorable! Lynn K and I are going to make them when I visit her in Scottsdale next week. Oh what fun we will have! Thank you so much for sharing this great project.

    • Thanks, Linda! I know you and Lynn will have fun making them. Might be difficult to find a branch on those cactus plants, though! LOL!

  8. This is very, very cool… What type of embroidery machine do you use? I have one that I’ve not made good use of to date and I like the idea of combo applique and embroidery plus using my cutters. I bet you have some really beautiful hoilday themed wall hangings… Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks, Sharon. I have a Viking Designer Diamond Deluxe which does a great job. I enjoy changing the wall hangings with the seasons.

  9. I loved the tree branch and all the vibrant colors on this project, Judy. Makes me want Easter and spring to be here right now. I would really like to do something like this from vinyl. I will need to get busy and get to the fabric shops to see what they have for material. You have inspired me. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks, Lynn. I like the cheerful spring colors also. Don’t want to skip St. Pat’s day though. My corned beef is ready and waiting in the freezer. YUM!

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