Hatchi-Troll Egg Invitation for my Granddaughter’s Birthday Party

Egg Invitation

It is time to celebrate my Granddaughter’s birthday again. She can already decide her birthday theme! This time she wanted to make it about hatchimals. So, I made an Egg invitation for her birthday. But what happened? After I made her invitations she decided to make her birthday party of Trolls… :(. And then? Well now, we are making a Hatchi-troll Birthday party, LOL The Hatchimals and the Trolls are very popular right now and our granddaughter loves both. We wanted to make her happy, so Uncle Bryan spoiled her by drawing her a Special troll to put on top of the Egg Invitation that previously had been done. So at the end of this post, you will see what was the final project.

Instructions to make this Egg Invitation:


Settings for KNK Groove-e:

  • F = 25
  • V = 250

Settings for KNK Force:

  • Blade = Red
  • BT = 2
  • P = 1
  • CD = 70
  • CS = 25


  1. I searched MTC Gallery for an Egg.
  2. From that File, I just kept the parts that I wanted to use and resized it.
  3. in my regular printer, I printed the information needed for the invitation. Then I put my family to cut it so I could continue cutting the cardstocks. (We were really late organizing her birthday… LOL) egg-inv-info
  4. To cut the file with my KNK Force, I save it as a SVG File. I cut two for each invitation and one of them was in mirror image.
  5. Once the files were cut, I started to put it together. So I started gluing just the border of the egg leaving the upper part without glue, so the invitation could go in and out. egg-inv-glue-border
  6. The same I did with the top of the egg but gluing the top of the egg to the top of the invitation that has the information for the party. Then, I glued the back that was the mirror image of the top of the egg. egg-inv-info-with-top And this had been the final project:


But because now it is going to be a Hatchi-Troll Party. This is the Final, final Project, LOL:




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