Easter Scrapbook Pop Up!

Easter Scrapbook Card 2013 Front

Easter Scrapbook Card 2013 Interior closed eggs

Easter Scrapbook Card 2013 Interior Open

Easter Scrapbook Card 2013 close up

Somebunny loves you…and has taken dozens of photos of their sweet little bunnies celebrating Easter. As you crack open your scrapbook looking to add another beautiful page to your family history, here’s a fresh way to mix in new photos – just pop them into this perfectly precious pop-up page that will eggs-celently exhibit your candy cuties! Yes, just like bunnies, this fun demensional card will multiply the number of photos you can add without taking up a lot of space leaving room for…what else? – more photos!! As you can see in this eggs-ample, you can feature up to 9 photos!!! Don’t forget to add a cute photo in the “bunny frame” of the 2013 making them the star of their own special Easter moment! Swwwweeeeeet! Have your special cuddle bunnies “decorate” their own eggs to adding their artistic stamp and a special moment for all to remember.

Using my KNK Maxx, I used a speed of 350, a force of 90 on cardstock with two passes. The card CLOSED measures just under 5.50 inches long by 3.50 wide. The card open is measures 10.75 long. The large size eggs allows for photos up to 2.25 inches long by 1.50 inches wide. The smaller eggs allows for photos measuring 2 inches long by 1.25 inches wide. Use some fun and colorful cardstock and decorate the eggs to your heart’s content.

An eggsemplary way to treasure the Easter moments! The cutting file is available on Sandy McCauley’s site iloveknk.com Have fun!

21 thoughts on “Easter Scrapbook Pop Up!

  1. Wow this makes me almost wish I did/could scrapbook LOL. Nawww..think I”ll just stick to greeting cards. 🙂

  2. Very cute, a great idea to remember the event. Thanks for sharing the files. Happy Easter!

  3. Wow! What a good idea. I don’t scrapbook but I’d certainly do this if I did!

  4. This was a great, fun way to remember Easter 21013. Thanks for sharing and for sharing the file.

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