Easter Framed Deco

I don’t have little ones at home anymore, but I still love to decorate for the holidays. And since I have very few Easter decorations, I thought it would make a great project theme for this week. Last summer I found some old picture frames at a second hand store. None of the frames have glass or backing – they are simply bare frames. As I looked through them, I found one that seemed to fit my idea but it was a very dark, textured wood. My first task was to give it an Easter refresh with a little color.

I used a white primer with the thought of painting the frame pink. But the white primer looked so much like a white chalk paint, I fell in love with it. I stopped applying paint before all of the little nooks and crannies were filled – it gives it a bit of a vintage look. Next, I cut white poster board to fill the 11 x 14 frame.

Using Make-the-Cut, I imported an oval and used the skew tools to make it into an egg shape. Then I used the Gallery to find a nice bunny silhouette. I picked some patterned paper and cut out my Easter shapes.


I used scrapbook adhesive to adhere the poster board to the frame and thick pop dots to adhere the eggs and bunnies to the poster board. I also used scrapbook tape on some ribbon, folded it over baker’s twine and trimmed it to make an accent bunting banner.



Settings (Maxx Air):

  • F = 58
  • V = 300
  • P = 1


  1. Paint the frame and set aside to dry
  2. Cut the poster board to fit the frame
  3. Cut out the shapes
  4. Adhere poster board to frame
  5. Adhere shapes to poster board
  6. Accessorize!


All in all, it only took about an hour to make and my family loves it!

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