Easter Foolery

Happy Friday!

The Easter Bunny is on it’s way, and I have bunnies and Easter eggs galore being cut on my Zing!

Weeks ago, I purchased these bronze colored vinyl platters on sale at Michaels. Determined to get something done with them, I was inspired by a card I was trying to put together. I suddenly realized that the bunnies, eggs and trees would make a great center for the platter. All of the pieces were cut on my Zing in colored vinyl…easy peasy. I found the bunnies and eggs in the MTC library. The tree was downloaded from the net…can’t remember where, but can send you the file or post to the files if there is interest.

Though you might think the platter is finished, I really wish I had some words for the bottom. Everything I can think of is too wordy. Suggestions?

The second project was inspired by SusanBlueRobot’s post on sliceform cards. I wasn’t having much success with the Easter Card (mentioned above) and was trying to figure out how to get more dimension when her post came through my email. THANKS to Susan I finished crafting the card in time for this posting.


The townhouse came from the same place as the tree and again, even though I can’t remember where I got the file from, I do have it to upload if you like.


The teeny-tiny banner was made on my Zing using the Harrington font and a simple triangle from MTC and using the print and cut feature. And check out the bird soaring in the sky….a 1/2 inch bird, again, cut amaZINGly well on the Zing, also from the MTC library. The Easter basket was downloaded (once again) from the MTC library, printed on my printer and cut using PNC on the Zing.


I used Susan’s genius idea of using transparency film for the sliceform bases (so they don’t show) and also applied the film to the “grass” layers to add strength and a little gloss.



I plan to do some final tweaks before marketing them (need it to fit in a standard envelope, banner could use some more dimension, etc.) but I was pretty happy with the results.  Hope you enjoy them!


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I am a wife, mother of two and grandmom to 2 boys with another little boy on the way. I have been a lifelong educator, teaching Family and Consumer Science for 12 years and serving as an administrator for 12 years. I have spent the last four years as an educational consultant to turnaround schools and consider myself "almost retired", as I am currently not working but taking advantage of this opportunity to learn all I can about my new ZING. I have always been creative and love cardmaking, sewing, knitting, gourmet cooking and entertaining and playing with my grandkids (too bad they are so far away!!!)

16 thoughts on “Easter Foolery

  1. OOH! both are VERY awesome projects! I love the slice forms. That extra dimension is just too cool! Thanks for sharing. 😀

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  3. Love the charger plate…the bunnies look like they’re having a great time! You did a god job on the sliceform. The vinyl does work well.

  4. LOVE the plate AND the card! Fantastic job! Have you figured out something to write on the bottom? I’ve thought of things, but they’re probably too “wordy”, like Baskets Full of Joy, or Hopping along the Bunny Trail, or, even Candy, Eggs, Toys, O MY! Just can’t think of anything shorter, except perhaps SPRING ???

  5. Loved the charger plate and Easter card. I love sliceform cards. Thanks for sharing these. Great inspiration.

  6. Thanks for all the nice words! Still haven’t figured out what to put on the bottom….maybe “Welcome Spring” ?

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