Dress Shirt Gift Card for Men (FREE FILE)

Gift Card, KNK, Omayra, Arrangement for men

This time, I wanted to take the time to thank a person for being very kind. Often we highlight the bad things that people do but we don’t really stop to think about the great things that people have done for us. Sometimes nobody even pays heed, to the wonderful things that people have done. That’s why this time I wanted to stress my gratitude to this person’s great work, he went the extra mile, and that I wanted to relay the fact that i noticed his hard work! I almost cried to see his face of excitement and joy for letting him know simply that he had done well. It honestly baffles me, what I thought it was a simple, minuscule detail, to him meant the world.   

The materials that I used for this project were:

Settings for KNK Force:

The settings used for the Red Blade:

Settings to cut the Cardstock

  • Passes = 1
  • CD = 90
  • CS =  Default-40
  • US = Default-40
  • PS = Default-20
  • LS = Default – 20
  • Blade Offset – Red Blade

Settings to cut the Vinyl

  • Passes = 1
  • CD = 30
  • CS = 25
  • US = Degault-40
  • PS = Default-20
  • LS = Default – 20
  • Blade Offset – Red Blade

Settings for KNK Groove-e

Cutting the CardStock

Settings (Groove-e):

  • F = 45
  • V = 150

Cutting the Vinyl

  • Force =  15
  • Speed = 150
  1. I Designed the Dress cloth and the tie.
  2. Then, I cut the Dress shirt and I glued just the sleeves of the dress shirt, leaving the top side of the dress shirt open to insert the gift card. Gift card envelope empty
  3. My next step was to glue the tie and the vest.
  4. After that, I made a hanger with a twist tie to glue it on the dress shirt
  5. I put the card envelope aside and started to work with the words “thank you,” that I first cut on vinyl and then proceeded to make a shadow out of cardstock. Then placed the vinyl on top of the cardstock.
  6. Then, I wrote the “Thank you” again to place it on the balloons. Before I cut that word I used the Bezier Warp Icon to make the text a little curve.  Bezier Warp Steps
  7. Balloon
  8. Finally, I started to build the arrangement.
    1. I filled out the glass cup with candies and covered it with foil paper to cover the candies.
    2. Then, I glued a piece of Styrofoam to the top of the glass to stick the balloon as well as the gift card.
    3. With tissue paper I covered the Styrofoam.
    4. My last Touch was to make a bow with tulle to put under the balloon. I also put some curly ribbon underneath the tissue paper just to make the arangment more beautiful!


10 thoughts on “Dress Shirt Gift Card for Men (FREE FILE)

  1. The files type says .rar What type of file is this and how can I open it? Love the card and would love to give it to my husband on the cruise as an anniversary gift. TIA

    • Sorry Barbie that you couldn’t open the file. I am going to uploaded againg in a different format. I will let you know when I uploaded. Sorry for this inconvenience.

    • Orietta, thank you for your comment. There is a free file attached… but apparently the format of the file it is not correct. I am going to reupload it in a different format so you can download it as well 🙂

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