Ballerina Invitation & Baby Booty



























This Beautiful Print and Cut Ballerina Dress Invitation was made with my TERRIFIC KNK Groove E, Card Stock, and a piece of tulle. The hanger was made with the same card stock and the upper part was made with a garbage bag wire. For the invitation F=60 and V=150 (twice). Because the hanger is small and it has small areas the F=60 and V=50 (Repeat).




The Baby Booty was made with fun foam.

The free cutting files may be downloaded from these links:

Baby Bootie in KNK Format

Baby Bootie in PDF Format

Ballerina Invitation in KNK Format

Ballerina Invitation in PDF Format


23 thoughts on “Ballerina Invitation & Baby Booty

    • Ohhhh, more awesome projects! I can really use the baby bootie. Thanks for another wonderful project(s)!

  1. Omayra, you just keep amazing me with your wonderful ideas and creations. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you all for your nice comments!!! I love to work with Fun Foam but I like to try other differents materials too.

  3. Omayra, you are so creative with fun foam. A real inspiration! Thanks for sharing the files. The bootie is amazing.

    • Thank you LynnK!!! My next project is going to be specially for you, so you can do it to your daughter. And soon I will give Sandy a step by step on how to make the doll so you can make it too.

      • Thanks, Omayra. My daughter loves the school wreath so much that I am designing her a Christmas one for her classroom, at her request.

  4. amazing! what you can’t do with Fun Foam is too short a list to worry about! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Deb beleive me that you are going to love to work with fun foam after you cut it the first time.

  5. At first before I read that you made the hanger, I was looking at the photo saying to myself “Where did she get a mini hanger from?”. Wonderful!

    • Lol Elizabeth, the hanger looks real but it was a picture of a hanger from the internet and I traced it in KNK Studio.

  6. I love looking back at the older projects to see what I have missed. This is a great one and the timing of finding it is perfect, as a friend just had a baby.

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