Door Signage and a Vinyl Decorated Cookie Container

When we were installing the vinyl signage on my last post, I observed a sign on the inside of an unused set of doors that had seen better days.  In fact, it was so weathered that the tape was beginning to turn loose.

I was inspired to remake the sign in outdoor vinyl.  I did with these results:

This sign didn’t require a ladder for installation, so I installed it the next day myself with great results.  Just like in my previous post I cleaned the window before applying the vinyl.  It wasn’t possible to use the hinged method because of the complexity of the design, so I used these steps:

  • I completely masked the design and with small pieces of tape placed it on the door where I wanted it.
  • At approximately halfway, horizontally, I placed a piece of blue painter’s tape vertically on the design so that it extended beyond the design on the top and bottom, securely holding the placement of the design.
  • Next, I loosely folded the right side of the design back on the left side, separated the backing from the vinyl, and with my scissors cut away the backing.
  • With the backing removed, I used my squeegee to apply the vinyl to the window, working from the center taped line out to the edges.
  • When the right side was securely adhered to the glass, I loosely folded the left side back on the right side and removed the backing.  In addition to removing the backing, I removed the piece of blue tape that had been placed vertically to hold placement of the design so that I had access to where the seal ended on the right side of the design.
  • It was now time to use my squeegee to apply the left side of the vinyl design to the door, working from the center out to the edges.
  • Finally, I removed all the masking and gave the design a final once over with a squeegee enclosed in a soft casing.

As a thank you for helping me, I made Noel some chocolate chip cookies, which I knew were his favorite.  When trying to decide what to put them in, I decided on an aluminum container with a lid.  The lid provided the perfect format for my vinyl greeting.  In addition, it was accompanied with a gift card in one of my Thank You gift enclosures previously posted.

Once again, I used my 15″ KNK Maxx

18 thoughts on “Door Signage and a Vinyl Decorated Cookie Container

  1. Another GREAT project, Lynn. I really like the size of the sign. I hate it when I get to a door of a store, and then it says to use another door. With this sign, that wouldn’t happen. Way to go. I love chocolate chip cookies too. Lucky Noel.

    • Thanks, Lynn! The size of the door sign really looks bigger in the picture than it actually is. It really is a little larger than the red outlined box in the picture above, but is definitely a size that is easily seen. Noel definitely was happy with the cookies.

  2. Another GREAT JOB!! Thank you for sharing your expertise and step by step instructions for the installation! A good idea for decorating a food container.

    • You are too sweet. You really had a big part in me being able to put together the step-by-step directions. I had never decorated a food container like this before, but think it is an idea worth repeating.

  3. Ask Noel if he minds sharing the cookies. I love cookies! Another great job! Love your logo/sign. Well done! Were you the one I was talking to about that hinge method with at the retreat?

    • I have given Noel cookies before and I don’t think he shares with anyone. 🙂 So happy you like the results. I personally am very relieved that to have had Noel do such a great job for me. Of course I was there coaching him, but his patience with the newly acquired skill was a huge factor in the end results. I might have talked to you about the hinge method at the retreat…I just don’t remember.

  4. Looking great! This whole job was NO small feat! The whole thing has come together amazingly. Hats off to you 🙂

    • Thanks, Chad! Being able to talk with you at the Tampa retreat and again in Denver were very much part of my being able to pull this off with confidence.

    • Noel loves my cookies. I have made them for him before. His favorite is Chocolate Chip without nuts. I definitely was lucky to have him help me.

  5. Awesome! You’re like the Energizer Bunny when it comes to the KNK! Love how it looks!

    • Thanks for the kind words…but, I’m not exactly the energizer bunny…it took me a long time to bring this to completion…procrastination. 🙂

  6. WAAAAOOOWWWW Lynn WHAT AWESOME PROJECTS!!! I love the idea of the cookie container, I never had thought in that TERRIFIC Idea. That it is a great appreciation gift. Thank you so much sharing!!!

    • So happy to share and have you like them. I will probably use the cookie container again. So many things can be done with it …and the KNK.

  7. I hope you have a big credit with them for sewing and fabric supplies for all the work you have done for them!

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