Doggone easy fabric printing!

Even with all the millions of printed fabrics available, sometime you want to create something original. I drew this dog several years ago at a private painting workshop taught by my friend, Deb Levy. The dog was not meant to be an artistic masterpiece as I just needed an image to learn this freezer paper technique. I always thought he was cute though, and decided to reproduce him to print on some fabric for a child’s quilt. So I drew him again in Corel Draw using the original as a guide.

Spot to Corel


KNK Zing/Zing Air/Maxx Air Standard Material Detail Blade

Freezer PaperI love the paper by C. Jenkins as it comes in cut sheet sizes and is extra heavy.

Fabric Paints and brushes



  • I exported “Spot” as an SVG file and brought him into Make the Cut! Get your own Spot to play with here; Spot_MTC_SVG
  • As I wanted to cut him out of freezer paper for a screen printing technique, I mirrored the image.
  • Placing the flat side of the paper against the mat, with the shiny side up, I cut the image with my KNK Maxx Air.

Maxx Air Settings

  • Blade = Red Blade, Blade height = 25
  • Force = 50
  • Velocity = 215
  • # Passes = Disabled
  • Blade Offset = .35


  • Remove the cut freezer paper from the mat and iron on to the prepared fabric. Iron all of the pieces in their proper places.  Leave off the lightest areas as you will paint this first, but save the pieces for later.

CWest_Spot_Freezer Paper Mask

  • I used a screen printing paint and brushed on a thick layer of paint over the small areas, removing excess paint with a squeegee. Doing one color at a time I took care not to mix colors. You can speed up the drying time by using a blow dryer. Before moving to the next color, heat set the painted areas by placing a paper towel over the image and pressing with a hot iron.

CWest_Spot_Light Print

  • Remove the dog body layer and replace (iron on) the freezer paper pieces that cover the areas you already painted. These pieces will be a mask to prevent the color of the dog body from getting on the areas you have already painted. I also traced the dogs chin with a Sharpie in the same color I was using for the body to give me a line to follow in the last step.

CWest_Spot_Step 3

  • Paint the body, removing excess paint with the squeegee.


  • After painting the body color, I removed the circles in the eyes and the nose detail and painted those areas. Remove all remaining freezer paper pieces.
  • Once dry, I outlined the dog’s chin with a Pigma Pen to give his face some definition.
  • Heat set once more and my funky cartoon dog is done, ready to become a focal point in the quilt!

CWest_Spot_Final Touches


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  1. This is so cute. I love dog. I’ve done a fabric painting project in the past and have been thinking of trying again. The freezer paper looks like the way to go, so I am definitely going to try that method!!

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